Hungry or Nauseous???

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Hungry or Nauseous???

I never know which one will hit me. I always have the most intense cravings in my 1st trimester and then they taper off throughout the pregnancy. I'm not sure why that is. Anyway, I have been throwing up one minute and then starving for something very particular the next. Right now I want BBQ, but I know I could never eat it without getting sick. It makes me sick to just think about it even though I really, really want it. Yummm :shrug: Anyone else dealing with this strange back and forthness of their tummy?

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I have no appetite and then I get completely ravenous.

The nausea hits bad at night. And if I go a bit overboard when I am starving...yeah, it pretends it's coming up for hours later.

Hopefully the second tri brings you relief!

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I had that with DD it was awful. Mostly the nausea would come on with heart burn which I had constantly and all I wanted with DD was spicy, mexican food.

I'm only experiencing the nauseous when I don't eat thing right now. It seems so early to have that but if I don't eat I feel nasty. Trying to enjoy food while it lasts as I had horrendous ms with DD.

I hope you're able to enjoy some BBQ (or anything else without feeling so sick) soon!

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I am going to gain enough weight in first trimester for the whole pregnancy. With the nautious, the constant eating brings some relief so I am eating way to much. I had heartburn yesterady and the constant gas and bloating ...yuck.