I feel like a new woman!!!!

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I feel like a new woman!!!!

Today I was sick of my morning sickness, I was barely able to get out of bed in the morning and I was just feeling so miserable. So we went to the pharmacy and bought some 'sea bands' and a bottle of Blackmoores morning sickness formula. I put the sea bands on right away and....OMG....instant relief!! for a few hours i had no nausea what so ever but after not eating for more than 4 hours i began to feel some mild nausea (but still totally bareable).

Wow, i hope that it keeps working this good because, this is a life saver!! I am in love with sea bands!!!

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I have heard amazing things about sea bands! I didn't realize you could get them at the pharmacy. I'll have to look for them in some of the ones near me. I had horrendous ms with DD and would love to get some relief next time around.

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I wore the sea bands with my first pregnancy and they helped a lot, and a little less with my second. I also took Vit B6 before every meal and that helped me tremendously, you may want to talk with your Dr. and see if he/she recommends it

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I tried the Sea Bands with DS and they did not work at all. They just bothered my wrists, lol...perhaps taking my mind of the nausea! Glad they are working for you! I just puked in the morning when I got up or right after breakfast everyday for the first 20 weeks and sucked on Jolly ranchers during the day to keep the nausea at bay. Good Times Biggrin

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I am glad they are helping you!!!