I HATE my prenatals

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I HATE my prenatals

Ugh! So my tummy is not 100% yet. I can not take my vitamins. Bleck! I wanna hurl as soon as they hit my tummy. Mamas with m/s, what prenatals do you take?

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At my first OB appt I was surprised that my DR said if my Pre-Natals were giving me MS I could just stop them for a couple of weeks. People make it seem like the baby is guaranteed to be malformed if you're not getting your folic acid.... but here is a DR telling me I could skip two whole weeks if I needed to. Anyway... thought I'd share.

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Yeah, they're not doing any good if you're just throwing them up! I've also heard just taking a kiddy vitamin if it's all you can stomach.

My main trick is to take them at night after eating, because they don't upset my stomach as much then and if they do I can lay down instead of trying to get through the day. I haven't had any m/s yet, but that was really helpful with my first.

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I find that if I take my pre-natals right before bed I don't get nauseous at all. With DD I started off taking them in the morning and would be so sick for the day. When I finally switched to right before bed I felt a 100 times better.

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I've been taking prenatal plus they are a RX but I haven't had any issues with them, I always take them around lunch time with my meal and I don't know if it is them or just a coincidence but I don't seem to have as much nausea after I have taken them. My other pregnancies my prenatals always made me so much worse. Hope you can get some relief soon!

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I completely agree with you here! I switched to the gummy prenatals without the iron since they are better for MS and I would take them before bed. But I can hardly eat one much less 2 anymore that it recomnmends. They are sugar coated and really sugary amongsomething else. So I get them in about every other day but am hoping I can switch to the regular ones soon after the MS eases up more.

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I'm taking the over-the-counter chewable gummy prenatals. I also don't take them til after lunch. They aren't perfect on my stomach, but they work waaaaaay better than the hard regular ones.

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I can't swallow large pills to save my life and that completely ended when I had ms with DD and was taking regular prenatals so I just take two flinstones chewable vitamins to get the right amount of FA and Iron. I found gummy prenatals this time around, but the ones I have found don't contain iron so I just stick to the kids vitamins. I also try to take them with food as I never can remember before bed.

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I'm taking the riteaid brand ones. I do get sick from my V D suppliments

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My OB told me not to take my prenatals because it was making me worse and it really helped with my ms not to take them. Instead I just take 1 800mg of folic acid.

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I actually stopped taking mine a couple of week's ago because they were making me so sick. With my DD I took two flintstones as well and I think I am going to try that with this one. I am just barely starting to feel more human so maybe I'll be able to keep them down again.