I know it's early but...

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I know it's early but...

Does anyone have any names in mind?

I think I know names for both a boy or a girl. I try so hard not to get ahead of myself, but it's so hard not to!!! I like Cameron for a girl and we would call her "Cam." And I like Griffin for a boy. Luckily, DH will play the name game with me fairly often. He rarely brings anything new to the table, but he definitely has opinions on all of mine.

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Gah...I was just thinking the same thing! I was so sure I was the only one, too...glad to see I'm not! And yes, I'm so afraid I'm jinxing myself.

I've only really looked at boys names. I really had no idea and it's weird as I knew all my boys' names before they were even conceived.

But currently I like:

Like you my DH doesn't really add names to the list but he will definitely give me his opinion.

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Christina, same here on only looking at boy's names, or really thinking of boy's names. LOL I just love Beau and Sutton!

Claire, Griffin was almost DS1's name! Obviously, I LOVE that name. Smile

I have my boy name already, and had it before we got preggo even. Carver. Still undecided on the middle name. Girl names.... come and go. Hahaha. One sec I like something, the next I'm meh.

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Marie~ Carver is an awesome name and really flows with your other DS's names.

And I hear ya on girl names going in one ear and out the other.

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We still have a girl name picked out from when I was pregnant with DS and it would be Emily Lorraine.

I have been thinking about boy names but we haven't had any conversations yet, we had a hard time with names because my hubby is picky (and he will say I am picky)

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Claire - DH is similar. I feel like I'm going to have to wait until we're closer to our anatomy u/s to get a real answer out of him about names. Smile I love Cameron/Cam

Christina - Sutton is my favorite in that list. Biggrin

Marie - I LOVE Carver! I never hear that one. What a sweet name.

Nicole - Isn't it funny how they always blame the selectiveness on us? Wink

AFM - I've been thinking about this since pre-ttc! We love the boy name we picked when we were pregnant with Em so much that we'd use it with this one if it's a boy. His name would be John Anthony. John is DH's paternal grandfather that passed a few years before we met (DH looks just like him) and Anthony is my bother's first name. I guess there are a ton of John's on DH's dad's side so I think we'd use a nickname like Jay or Johnny. If we had two (not now just ever) boys I'd love the other name to be Enzo. DH likes it too.

For a girl, I get worried. DH didn't like a lot of my favorite names but when we found Emma it just worked I've always loved Lyn as a middle name so I knew I wanted that with DD. Also turned out it was a family name and we didn't know it. I always swore I'd never go with popular/traditional names but I love those two. For other girls names my tops are:
Fiona (matches our last name well)

I was into Mariah and love the name but I'm not as into it these days.

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oh definitley thinking about it Wink I have always had a hard time with Boys names and have a lot of girls names I kinda like. It is always interesting to find one that is not over used but now way out there. One girls name I like is Sierra, but I do already have a Sadie. Too close? There are a couple boys names I like but eiter we can not use them do to family or friends already using the name or nothing really stands out.

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And also the names we had picked out for DD, none fit when she was born. The next day we cme up with something completely different.

I always am kind of jealous of some who just know what their name is right away Wink

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DH and I started talking about names right after we found out.

We're having a hard time with girls names. I love Ella but DH hates it. We both like Lily Abigail so we might go with that. For boy's names we like Declan but cannot think of a middle name that really matches. Our last name is super plain, so anything pretty much goes.

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We have a name list started already but a few are "left over" from the first 2 pregnancies. I know the middle names for certain. The baby will be named after my dad so if it is a boy his middle name will be Jeffrey and if it is a girl her middle name will be Brianne (for Brian, my dad's middle name). Our current favs for first names are Liam or Noah for a boy and Sarah or Amelia for a girl.

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boy Jay Richard, but holding on to that name forever!
girl Jaclyn, the girl name we didn't use last time, still fighting on middle name. I want something with an O, so the initials would be JOB..

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NYMommy04, how about Olivia for a middle name for Jaclyn? My DD2's name is Jocelyn Olivia (we call her Josie). I think of names all the time! haha! I'm pretty stumped as far as boy names--and I'm thinking this is a boy! So I'm glad you posted this so I can check out some of the other possible boy names on here. Smile But for a girl, I really like the name Leah Rose. I haven't talked to DH about it yet, but one thing I know FOR SURE is that we won't be discussing possible names with our family--UGH! We made that mistake last time (with DD2) and everything we liked, our mothers threw out the window. I loved the name Eden and my mother in law DESPISED it. My mom actually didn't like Jocelyn at all but we stuck with it since we were frustrated by that point.

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For a boy I'm set on Carson (in memory of my brother Carl who died in Iraq in 2006 - I didn't want to use his full name but I think Carson is a great alternative) I also like Carter and Luke.
For a girl it will be Elizabeth (Lizzy!) or Sophie. I haven't even started thinking about middle names yet for a boy or a girl.

DH isn't happy that I'm pretty much set in my name choices already, apparently he thinks I'm in cahoots with my mom, but I came up with these names loooooong ago (when we first started TTC#2) without any outside influence.