I love it when....

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I love it when....

As much as a love a good rant (will be posting a separate thread to rant later) I thought I'd start a thread about what we love.

I love it when DD2 sleeps through dinner prep and dinner so that we can eat together instead of playing pass the baby.

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I love it when Sarah falls asleep & I don't have anything pressing to do. It means I can curl up with her on the couch and just veg...

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Great idea for a thread! It's often so easy to overlook the positive stuff when you're swimming in sleep deprived stress mode.

I love it when both the kids sleep later then me or only one of them gets up with me in the morning so I can enjoy some coffee (and one on one time with them).

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I LOVE this thread too. Good idea!

I love it when both boys nap at the same time. I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe of happiness. Lol.

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I love it when I wake up snuggled between my 2 sweet boys sleeping so peacefully. I