I think it is happening again.

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I think it is happening again.

This pregnancy I have definitely had nausea..much more than last time....but the full-on throwing up has commenced this week at 15 weeks! This same thing happened with my son. No fair! I was hoping i would be done. Anybody else get morning sickness worse in the second tri?

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Oh no! I'm sorry! I've never heard of that. I wonder if it has something to do with your placenta taking over hormone production? My Dr told me that the reason most people feel better during the 2nd trimester is because their placenta takes over the hormone production rather than their body having to do all the work. Maybe in your case you felt better when your body did it rather than your placenta? Just a thought.
I am still sick at 15 weeks. It's better than it was, but I still feel nauseous every single day. I just don't throw up as much as I did in my 1st trimester and the nausea seems to get better through out the day rather than last all day long.

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with my first my morning sickness tapered off at 10 weeks. mine is still going strong and seems to be getting stronger. :/ i hope u feel better

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Yes, me! With my DS I stopped getting sick at 10 weeks, with my DD it was 15 weeks, with this one, at 14 week's I stopped getting sick, but now that I've hit 16 weeks I am throwing up every morning. Just in the morning and I feel great the rest of the day so it's not too bad.

I'm sorry your still not feeling well. I often wish I was one of the lucky women that never get sick.

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Yup! Me! My morning sickness has only gotten worse and worse....Lets hope it goes away soon!!

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Yuck. I really was hoping mine was clearing up too, then I had a nice chat with the trash can this morning. *sigh* I've never had nausea/sickness last so long before so, who knows? Mine could get worse in the 2nd tri too. I hope yours starts taking a turn for the better!

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I got away with just constant mild nausea up until about 10 weeks. As long as I avoided aversion causing foods and textures, I was good. Now the nausea is stronger since "turning" 10 weeks. I still haven't got sick, but I am hungry more often which makes me nauseous if I can't eat right away.

I hope everyone gets past their 2nd trimester ms soon!

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It has gotten less frequent, but still here.....................

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I am steal dealing with the nausea and it has seemed to get a little worse, it did stop for a week, but it has come back in the last few days. I'm not sure if it is the increase in hormones, or if it is the fact that I had to start taking zoloft this week. I hope it goes away soon, because instead of me getting nauseous when I am hungry, I get nauseous after I eat too. Sad

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Amy, I just posted something today about my M/S coming on full force all of a sudden! I have been feeling soooo good this time that I thought I was going to skip M/S altogether, but nope, here I am throwing up several times today already. ugh.

I'm sorry you are sick too! Let's hope we can all get passed this quickly!!!