I'm soooooo happy because......

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I'm soooooo happy because......

today is the LAST day we will be bombarded with political ads! Phew! I'm envious of all you non-US mamas. Wink

What are YOU happy about today?

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we STILL get them Marie, and it sucks! Especially when we have no say, whomever is elected will affect our government as well (we 'lovingly' *cough cough, refer to our Prime Minister as Bush Jr Jr)... I'll be glad when it's over too!

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Me too. I work from home and the robo-calls to my home office phone are driving me nutty. I'll get off of a conference call and have a bunch of missed calls and several robo-messages. TV ads have been ok for me, they really didn't ramp up until this week so it's been short lived.

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Lol we still got it! On the night of the election or normal programming was canceled for the election :/