Insomnia anyone?

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Insomnia anyone?

The last few days I have not been able to get to sleep. At least not at night...I'm so tired but I can't seem to turn my brain off long enough to actually fall irritating. I know it is just my anxiety and not being able to take my meds really sucks...ok vent over! Smile

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Yes, me! ugh! It's so frustrating. My problem is that I fall asleep ok but don't stay asleep. So I'll wake up--usually between 2 and 3 AM--and read or something. It doesn't help that I have to use the bathroom two or more times a night either! Hope we both get over this stage (if that's what it is) soon!

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Yes me too. I'm so exhausted all the time so I fall asleep easy to begin with but then I'm tossing..turning..peeing.. Thinking.. And have the hardest time going back to sleep.

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Same here!!! Wors part is dd gets up at 6am and now I feel just so drained. I love when dh is home to take care of the baby. DH works overnights....