This isn' it?

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This isn' it?

I swear a couple of times yesterday I felt those little butterfly like tickles inside my stomach. Part of me thinks it's not real.... some sort of phantom kicks... me just wanting it to be real. I think because a couple of times it was higher than it could have been if that's what it was. What I'm reading says my uterus is the size of a grapefruit and just over my pelvic bone... this was a little higher than that. But I so want that to be it. Can't wait for all those kicks and punches!

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I've been having a ton of fluttery feelings, oddly enough right where the baby is from the u/s scan and I think it's just been my being more senstive to my uterus growing as it's too early for me to feel anything real.

However, I have heard of people feeling their babies earlier on in pregnancies, especially in subsequent ones. I think the uterus size is an average, and that it changes after each baby. I could be wrong on that but that's my impression from my own experiences. Even if you didn't feel the baby move and it was just phantom kicks, it's coming up soon!

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me too! I think, "what was that?!?" several times a day! Crazy. I wonder if since this is number 4 for me if I'll feel things sooner. Hmm...

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I have heard you feel them sooner with each pregnancy too. I have felt some.flutters a few times but mine was probably gas lol.

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I've definitely been feeling them since about 11weeks, I am pretty confident now that it's baby!

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I've been feeling these as well from about 12 weeks so I do feel like it's the baby. Gas bubbles that I get tend to be higher up in my belly. The fluttery feeling I get only on my right side and very low, almost at my pelvic bone. So I am just going to go with it's the baby, since I am the only one that can feel it Smile

That's my favorite part of pregnancy. The part I missed the most once my kids we're born. Don't get me wrong it's great to cuddle and love these little ones, but the movement inside of you while their growing is just so special.

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I feel like I have felt stuff too. I have never had any sort of sensations until about 15 or 16 weeks in my other pregnancies, but this time I could swear it was the baby. I don't know though. Sometimes I wonder if it's just gas and it feels different because my uterus is larger and therefore everything feels a little strange in that area. I dont know if that even makes sense or is even possible, but something definitely feels different so it's either the baby or gas. Smile I also can't wait for the little kicks and movements to start on a regular basis. It's definitely the best part of pregnancy in my opinion.

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I feel like I've felt it too, but I am only 8 weeks! Feeling the baby move is the best part of pregnancy, though, IMO.