Leaving you ladies - but for a good reason!

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Leaving you ladies - but for a good reason!

I had my "12" week scan yesterday, only to discover that I'm actually further along than I thought. I am actually 15 weeks tomorrow. We also discovered 2 heartbeats! Twins!!! Yahoo

I am now moving to November 2012 board.

Good luck with your pregnancies!

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Congratulations!!!! Best of luck! That is so exciting!

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Wow! What a DOUBLE surprise! Sorry to see you go, but totally excited for you too. Smile

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What a great surprise! Congratulations!

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Congrats and welcome to the club Smile

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Congrats what a wonderful surprise!!

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Congratulations! What a fun surprise!

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OMG that's so exciting!! Congratulations! You should still check in with us from time to time though. Smile

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woweee! That is awesome! Congrats!!!