Maternity photos?

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Maternity photos?

Anyone doing maternity photos? I've thought about it, but I just don't know..... I guess I'm afraid I won't look *glowing* and pregnant. More like 'Whale Alert!' Lol.

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I took some of my own photos last time around and was glad that I did. I'll probably do the same again.

I was planning to do a combo Christmas card/birth announcement. I maybe I'd do a maternity pic with a big red bow around my belly then a pic with the baby.

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I would love to have them done since I didn't do it with DS and now wish that I had. We just don't have any extra to spend on them right now. DH said he would take some of me, but I just don't know about that... He has a good eye and all, but I don't know if I can take him seriously. I am not photogenic and like you, Marie, I don't want to come out looking whale-ish!

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Kristy, I want to do mine too, IF I did them. Did you just use a tripod? Would you share any??? No pressure.... Wink

Claire, I hate that professional pics can be soooo pricey. And it's hard for me to find a person that doesn't do cheesy pics. I didn't do them for either of my sons.

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I would love to do them but I too worry about looking "glowing" and now just massive and uncomfortable. We didn't do them with DD because I was on bed rest and so I never really thought about that fun stuff. I was just nervous about keeping her baking all the time.

Kristi - I know it's going to be insane to pull off, but I so want to have pictures of DS in our holiday card this year. I figure if not, I can sign the card from all of us and do a birth announcement too, though we didn't do one with DD and so DH always feels bad about doing things for DS that we didn't do for DD. Ugh!

For doing them yourself, there are tons of good ideas on sites like Pinterest and a good DSLR camera should do the trick. Smile