Medela pump for $75 off!!!

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Medela pump for $75 off!!!

So I just ordered my Medela pump for $75 off at target. It was $50 off and then you get a $25 gift card with the purchase. I was super excited!! This was also my first big purchase for the baby!!! We are getting so excited to meet our little guy!

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Wow that is great! Those things are pricey. Glad you were able to get a good deal! That's my favorite pump.

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I was reading somewhere that ins now had to cover pumps as part of an issue passed in 2012. Has anyone called to see what your ins covers? Some cover up to 100%!!!! I sure hope mine does. Biggrin Your doc just has to write a script for one.

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I had a Medela electric pump last time and it was so rough on my nipples that they constantly bled. I'll be looking for another brand this time.