Mmmmm pickle juice!!

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Mmmmm pickle juice!!

Hi ladies
I'm late on the ms front. It just started this past week. For some reason I am craving pickle juice and it also seems to help with my ms. Weird no? Anyone else craving weird stuff??

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I was having luck, I thought, with sea bands. Ugh. Not so much anymore! With my m/s I crave sour, if I crave anything at all! Sour jelly belly jell beans are heaven! Last night's dinner was Cambells chicken noodle soup. Wheeeee! Now that you mention pickle juice...... Smile

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I am in the phase of everything sounding gross..... So this just sounds awful lol!!! Everything except burger king tots!!! I could eat them everyday!!!

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okay, now I could totally go for some pickles and juice right now.

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me too... mmm pickles! I was eating a bunch of green, pimiento olives the other day since the sour/saltiness of them was sounding good. I also bought some Icebreakers sours and at them up in one day! I still don't have morning sickness, but I don't feel well in the afternoons. I hate not feeling well! Ugh! But I can tell I'm not as exhausted as I was so that's good.