Monday U/S :D :D

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Monday U/S :D :D

I'm going for my last ultrasound this Monday and I can't wait!! I have never gotten to see one of my children so far along before. I'm excited too, b/c we might finally find out what this little babycakes is. I really have no feeling one way or the other, so either would be a surprise. I *may* pass out is I hear the word 'girl' though, b/c I just can't imagine one in our little family. Heh heh. Anyone else have a late u/s? What kinda things do they check for? Did you get to keep any pics from it?

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I have been getting u/s every few weeks because of all my issues that they are monitoring. They look pretty crazy. If baby has their eyes open facing you it looks surreal. Dh said it looked scary lol. Keep US updated on gender!

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I had one at 32 weeks this time around to check my amniotic fluid levels. It was so neat to see her opening and closing her mouth, to see the eyeballs moving as she looked around. Good luck on finding out what you are having, keep us posted!

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How exciting to be able to see baby on Monday. I've never had an ultrasound past 20 weeks. Can't wait to see pics (if you get to take some home)! GL!

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I had one at 26 weeks, 30 something and 35 with DD (the last was to check fluid levels). The 26 week one was a growth u/s and cervical length check as I had just been diagnosed with ICP. She was smiling, sticking her tongue out and doing all sorts of cute stuff it was so fun to see. At the other two I couldn't see as much as she was low and head down but it was crazy to see all her hair and features so clearly.

Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to hear all about it!