My baby's first pic

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My baby's first pic

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I had my first appt on Friday and FINALLY got to see my little sweetheart. YEAH! He/She was measuring a few days ahead of my calculated O date and was strong and healthy looking. Jumping around and waving his/her arms. My DSs loved seeing their new sibling. My checkup went well too and nothing out of the ordinary to report.

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yay for cute baby pictures! glad everything went well

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Hi there little baby! So glad the appointment went well and baby was so active for you.

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Great pic! Hello there, baby! Yay for a great appointment!

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Awesome picture! Yahoo Yay for a great appointment!

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Yayy to the little cutie!!

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Its such a cute pic!! hehe....I love how 'real' they look now! YOU HAVE AN ACTUAL BABY INSIDE YOU!!! Blum 3 its no longer like a little blobbly thing, so cool. Blum 3 hehe