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Name help

I'm trying to find a different 'spiritual' middle name for a girl. We have pretty much settled on a first name (finally!) and it's Jena. I like the idea of Hope or Faith, but they are soooo common. :/ After what we have been going through lately with my family, I think a name in that vein is truly fitting. Now to work on a boy name next....
What do you think? Jena _______??

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Some virtue names:

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Congrats on picking a girl's name! I love Jena. Biggrin

The first names that came to mind that haven't been mentioned are Hannah (I've always heard it defined as a gift of God based on the biblical story) and some goddess names like Isis, Athena, Diana and Rhea. Goddess names always conjure strength and wisdom for me. KUP on the name decisions!

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Congrats on agreeing on a girl name! I like Jena!
I like Jena Grace.
My brain is frozen right now, so I will be thinking for you for some other ideas.

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My fav is Jena Grace!

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I like Jena Grace too!!

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Ooooo thanks ladies. Smile I'll def consider some of those!

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Grace is really pretty. We will probably use Amaris for a middle name which means promised by God Smile