Nausea still?

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Nausea still?

Anyone still sick? I think with our 90+ heat wave and allergies mixing in, I just can't kick my nausea. :/ It comes and goes thankfully. But, man! I can't wait to have a few days in a row of not dry heaving and eating more than one meal a day. Ugh. First time for me durring a pregnancy. How's everyone else feeling?

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Sorry you are still dealing with this. I still get nauseated about once a day, but it isn't too bad anymore. I think I am used to it.

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I'm so sorry, Marie! You just haven't been able to catch a break with M/S. Do you think you might need some medication?

I'm feeling really well. I had that bout of M/S for about 2 weeks and that's really all I've had this time. I do need to eat all the time or I get nauseated, which explains why I've gained so much weight. It's just hard not to eat all the time when eating makes me feel so much better!

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Me! I have been throwing up at least a few times a week this entire pregnancy. I hate it. I hate it for you too! I mean, you would think that once we hit the 20 week mark, then these babies would ease up on us, but I guess not. I literally pulled into work today and threw up in the parking lot while my coworker watched with pity in her eyes. I was like, "I don't need help!" which was code for "Leave me alone!" I was sick with DS1 for 7 months so I have resigned myself to the fact that I may not ever really be free of the m/s. Sad