Need to vent for a moment

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Need to vent for a moment

Hi ladies
I feel bad moaning as I know we have other ladies on this board right now dealing with much worse things, and I realize my issue is no where near as big a deal as theirs but....

I have spd. It sucks. I had it with DS. I had to go off work at 30 weeks because it got too bad. This time I do think its a bit better but I am entering a phase now where I think it wont be much longer and I really shouldnt be on my feet too much or i make it much much worse and put myself in danger of falling.

I work as an RN on a busy surgical floor. I work 12 hour shifts. Thankfully I have had really good patients lately, but it doesnt really even had anything to do with having to lift and lug people around, it's just bein on my feet for those long periods that make it worse. I work 4 days in a row and have 5 off. It takes me the entire 5 days to recover so I can work again. So its getting bad.

WHen I came back from mat leave after DS I couldnt help but feel that people treated me differently. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I dont think so. Like they are mad I was off or went off early! I feel like people just roll their eyes when I mention spd or say, yep i was sore/achy too. They just dont get it. It's not a normal pregnancy ache. Its excruciating pain that feels like my pelvis is going to split apart. But apparently I'm faking I guess?!?!

I called in sick for my last 2 night shifts this past rotation since my pelvic pain was just getting too much. Normally my work is NOT allowed to ask why you are calling in sick (well Occ Health is allowed but that is to make sure there isnt anything they can do to help you, make sure people arent abusing the system, etc). But its not the managers business or anyone else on the floor. Well when I called in our charge nurse asks, and I quote "what's wrong with you?" Not nicely either. So I told her, since its not like a secret anyways. She just says "oh...ok" like shes skeptical. ERG!!!! Makes me so mad! And I try not to limp/hobble around work too much because for the most part that makes people roll their eyes everymore.

Now thankfully this isnt everyone at work, there are many girls who are genuinely nice and sympathetic. But it just makes things so much more difficult at work, and frankly makes me want to go off work early again. (which i am sure I wll have to anyways, just a matter of when). I mean, I had a doctor's note last time, they dont just give them out for nothing!! Occ health at the hospital even said I had to go off work so I wouldnt hurt myself.

\AHHHH!! Sorry I'm hormonal and grumpy today....the pain is worse of course. And I really dont want to go off work yet! I think i'd get bored fast!

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I'm sorry! That stinks. Sounds like you are doing the best you can! What else can they ask for? I hope that you feel better or that it doesn't get too much worse for you. It's already hard enough being pregnant and having to tote around a big old belly. I can't imagine feeling even more uncomfortable or more pain.

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Ugh I'm sorry that u are feeling like that. I really hate that many people think pregnancy is one size fits all and doesn't sympathize wth different things women experience. I hope u feel better.

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I'm sorry that has to be frustrating. It seems like people won't take a pregnancy condition seriously if it's not pre-e or something involving hospital bed rest. I'm glad you've got some good support there though. I hope you can get some sort of relief and that you won't have to be off work too early from the spd.

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I'm sorry you are feeling that way! I wish people would understand that every woman's body deals with pregnancy in a different way. I hope you can continue on for a while longer! GL!

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Now I feel bad for complaining 'my back hurts', heh heh. You poor thing! I can only imagine how BAD that hurts. Sad My mom is a LPN and I've been raised on hospital tales. That being said, I could never in a million years do your job while NOT preggo. Working with judgmental, catty woman and being in so much pain...... *sigh* I'm sorry you have that on your plate. I wouldn't feel bad for one sec taking time off. (((Hugs)))