New Carter's Commercial

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New Carter's Commercial

Has anyone seen the new Carter's commercial? It's so sweet and is making me cry every time. Last time around it was the pampers sensitive commercial when the nurse hands the new mom the baby... got me every time too. Any commercials or other equally everyday things making you cry these days in your hormone amped state?

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Ive never seen the carters commercial but the pampers commercial !!! Omggg water works even when I wasnt pregnant

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I havent seen that commercial but I'm definitely emotional and any inspiration quote sends me into tears. If I think too much about DS and how much I love him I cry!!! Lol Poor DH!!

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Yes... commercials..something on tv.. news stories all get me. I cried when I read the story about the nurses in N.Y. having to manually pump the lungs of the babies down 9 flights of stairs when they were evacuated because of the storm

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I haven't seen the Carter's commercial, but the Pampers "every little miracle" commercial KILLS me every time pregnant or not. It doesn't take much to get me emotional these days. Looking through some of DS's stuff and thinking about how little he will be, and thinking back on how little DD was is enough to make my teary eyed.