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Do you have a nick name for your little sweetheart while they occupy 'mommy hotel'? If you have other LOs, did you nickname them as well? Share!

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In the beginning we were calling the baby "the little trouble maker" because first Tri was so much worse than my first. But not really anything since then. My SIL called DD dumpling which was cute. And my mom called her jellybean because I ate a bunch of jellybeans one night and mom got to feel her moving around a lot. Gosh, we really don't talk about the baby all that much. Is that horrible?

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We are kind of boring. We called the baby "baby" before we found out the sex and now we call him what we will name him which is "Griffin." I have tons of nicknames for my DS1 now that he is born though. I call him "Monkey" and "MonkMonk" and "Jamesey" and "Lamb". They all sound pretty silly when I write them down, but for some reason they seem to make sense when I say them out loud. Smile

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With DD we mostly used "baby" or her name once we found out the gender. We called her peanut from almost the moment she was born as she was 5 lbs 5 oz. We have a billion nicknames for her. I'm sure it will be the same with DS. Biggrin

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I call the baby 'baby dumpling' since I have no clue boy/girl. My mom and son call the baby 'Ivy' after poison ivy since I am still soooo nauseous. They think it's a girl, although I just can't wrap my mind around the notion of a girl. Heh heh. It's GOT to be a boy.

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We either go by the name we chose for her or "The Creature".