Nighttime and the newborn

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Nighttime and the newborn

Just wondering how your new(or not so new)born is sleeping at night. Does he/she wake and eat then go back to sleep? Nights and days mixed up?

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Carter def has his days and nights mixed up ! The only bad part about this is that he strains soo much so it takes him longer to sleep

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Sarah will NOT sleep on her back and so in the hospital she slept terribly. I would prop her slightly on an angle with a receiving blanket but when the night nurse came in to do vitals she would shake her head at me and lay Sarah down flat... When we came home I tried her in a swaddling blanket but she is so tiny that I wasn't comfortable with how much it bunched around her head. I attempted on her side but I think the crib is too overwhleming for her... So we are co-sleeping right now. Working good as she wakes up, latches on and I go back to sleep but I want her in her own bed so as soon as she fits right in the swaddling blanket we are attempting it.

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We are co-sleeping so we do a lot of side-lying nursing so we are doing pretty great. He sleeps pretty well which makes it easier too.