ob appt and where is everyone?

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ob appt and where is everyone?

I had my first appointment on Wednesday.. I was measuring right on track and saw the heartbeat! Other than that I'm am just super exhausted and still living at the toilet with all my m/s. These symptoms need to pass! How is everyone doing?

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I was wondering where everyone was too! Seems a little slow on this board lately.

Congrats on a great first appt!!! Do you get an ultrasound at every appointment too? I feel lucky that my doc's office provides that. Smile So sorry you are still suffering from M/S and exhaustion. I haven't thrown up yet but I certainly don't feel well and I'm exhausted too. ugh. Can't wait for these next 8 weeks to pass!

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Congrats on an awesome appointment!! I've still got a lot of nausea I never throw up but I am nauseated all day long and nothing really makes it go away, hopefully time will pass fast until 2nd trimester starts and symptoms subside!!

I've been wondering why the board has been so quiet as well. Maybe it will speed up after everyone starts feeling a little better!

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Congrats on the good appointment! Sorry to hear you are still feeling yucky.... I'm right there along with you!!! Hoping you start to feel better soon!!

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I'm glad your appt went good too. I've been slacking big time b/c I've been feeling soooo awful. I hope next week is better so I can liven the board back up. I just wanna crawl into bed for a week and never get out. Smile

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Congrats on the awesome appt!! It's so awesome to see a HB!! such a special thing Biggrin I think everyone must be feeling like me! too tired, too sick and too busy to get around to the non-essential things to do atm... Sad

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I'm here! I just haven't had my first appointment still! I have it this week, though! So once I actually hear a heartbeat, I think I'll feel more of a "connection" to the board! I also finally have an ultrasound the week after too!

So glad to hear your appt went well!!!

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Congrats on the appointment! I hope the exhaustion and m/s let up a bit.

Things here are okay, I've been floored lately and I haven't thrown up but I've had awful nausea when I even think about eating. Went on a mini vacation which was mostly fun but DD had to go to the ER for dehydration/stomach flu so that was tough. She's recovering well and has a follow up with her pediatrician today. She's just wanted me to hold her non stop. I obviously love comforting her however I can but it adds to the exhaustion. Thankfully I got almost 8 solid hours last night so that helps.

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Congrats on a great appointment! It's always so reassuring to see the heart beat!