Oh my aching back :/

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Oh my aching back :/

Sorry to be MIA. Weekends seem to be extra extra busy right now.

Anyways, anyone having back breaking pain lately? My back KILLS when I sit too long in the car and when laying down too. Nothing I seem to do helps. Maybe I should look up exercises..... Who knows.
Anyone else in the same boat?

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Yes I have been having a lot of lower back pain too! For me, it usually feels like it's in the (back) of my hip bone(s). It's worse for me when laying down for the night. I have found that doing some cat/cow yoga poses (that's two poses that you alternate) has helped a lot as it's good for stretching your pelvis. This youtube video is a good demo. I hope it helps!

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I have back pain occasionally but it's usually concentrated in one small area if my lower back--on either the left or right side. I'm thinking maybe sciatic nerve pain.

I'm sorry you guys are having pain! Hope the exercises help!