Ok. I admit it. I was cheating on you guys.

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Ok. I admit it. I was cheating on you guys.

This board is so much slower than the BB when I was pg with my DD so I took a peek out there to see what other forums were like. Guess I'm bored at work and want to chat a little. I joined a board somewhere else but it's CRAZY. There are way to many people on it so by the time you read a thread there are already a million responses and pp have said whatever you would have. Also, I know I don't know you guys... but feel like I'll get to know you as our pregnancy goes on and will be genuinely excited to hear how things are going. With this other board I don't know how you could ever get to know anyone.

Anyway - had to fess up that I strayed.... but I'm back with my pg.org friends. Smile

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Well, I am glad you're still here! It is slow around here, but I bet after everybody is feeling a lot better and out of the first tri we will have more going on around here! I have my first ultrasound today....so I will definitely be much more "invested" once I see the baby/babies!!!!

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I still can't believe that they told you it could be twins but made you wait 5 days for a U/S. I'd be dying to know! Good luck at your appt,

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I'm glad you're here as well. It is a little slow, but I am sure as we get farther along, it will speed right up. I always feel a little guilty because depending on how busy I am, I tend to stop by every other day, and then I miss things or people have posted and I feel like I am late to posting as well, so then I just tend not to.

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I agree that the boards aren't as busy as they used to be, but as everyone's said it will pick up once things get further along. Biggrin

Amy - How exciting!!! KUP on how it goes!

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haha, you cheated, that cracked me up! Well, welcome back!

Amy, I've been thinking about you today! CAN'T WAIT to hear the news!!!!!!!!

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Hah, Kristy. I sometimes visit another board as well. It was justmommies. What did you visit? I feel like we are a much closer knit of mamas then anywhere else. I've been so bad about chatting anywhere lately b/c my morning sickness is back again. Rrrrrr! I hope to get back to posting more. Smile

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Lol. I have looked at others too and felt the same way. Let's pick it up!

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So funny! It will pick up when everyone feels better.