Old Navy Maternity and Baby Sale!

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Old Navy Maternity and Baby Sale!

Just thought I'd let everyone know Old Navy is having a Maternity and Baby sale through the 26th. They have kids costumes for $15 too! Biggrin

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I hit that sale up online as soon as I got the email. I ended up spending like 60 but got many items for ds and new baby.

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Oooooo, how did you know I have an online shopping addiction? Wink Can't wait to check it out. TFS

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I too am a total online shopping addict! The ON stores in my state (well at least any within an hour of me) stopped carrying Maternity so I always shop online for it.

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One of the 2 costumes I bought there last year....ripped apart within a couple hours :/ THe other one held up fine though.

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Think I'm headed there today. The maternity jeans that I have from last PG aren't going to work for me this time around. Sad They are the kind with the thick band that hits mid-belly.... so they are already uncomfortable and not going to last until the end. I need either the ones with the full pannel or the ones where the band hits below the belly. HATE spending more $$ on maternity clothes!