Other LOs VS Christmas

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Other LOs VS Christmas

So, we have been having a talk with the kids concerning Christmas. My 9yo still believed in Santa and of course my 2 1/2yo does too. We've told them maybe Santa might come early this year b/c of the new baby. Anyone else thinking this over? I doubt if I have the baby right around Christmas I'll feel like wrapping gifts or getting things ready. And that being said...... what age do you 'break the news' about Santa to your kids? Is 9 too old? I need a Mommy 101 Holiday lecture. Wink

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I don't think I will have this baby as early as Christmas, although I am hoping for early. Wink I will have everything ready, though, just in case.
As for "breaking the news", I have struggled with this BIG time! Do I tell or do I not? We've kinda decided to just let them keep believing in the "magic of Christmas". However, our oldest is almost 12, and I might change my mind...

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My 13 year old has known for a while even though we were never the ones to break the news--I'm guessing one of his friends told him or something. Luckily, he hasn't said anything to my other two kids about it as far as I know. However, my 8 year old is kind of iffy on the whole thing. She asks every year if Santa is real and I just tell her that he's real as long as she believes in him and that she should believe as long as she can so he'll keep bringing her presents! Of course, my 3 year old is a believer but she's actually a little afraid of Santa--LOL.

I'm hoping I make it all the way to my due date--December 20th--and I'm hoping that I'll be well prepared in advance and have the gifts all wrapped and ready to go so we can have Christmas as normal. That said, things never seem to go as planned! haha!

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DS is only going to be two so I have no experience with this. I do think that you just want to gauge his or hers maturity level and find a balance on whats going on around them. I had a cousin that was very immature for his age and he came home and asked my aunt one day because of what he was told at school. He was 11 at the time and very heartbroken over it. On the same note, I had a friend whose sister found out at school and came home questioned it and was totally ok with it and she was 9.

I am due on the 27th. I am on bed rest right now in fear that he is going to come too early but if all stays well then they fully expect me to go full term. I am scrambling to get at least ds set up right now... hello online shopping. Everyone else will just have to deal if I can't gifts on time ...

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I'm due on 12/5 so I am 99% sure I will have the baby before Christmas. I am a little nervous about getting everything together this year. I plan to put my tree up earlier than normal and hopefully, get lots of stuff wrapped ahead of time. It's the buying the gifts that stresses me out! I normally seriously wait until the last minture to buy presents and this year that is just not an option.

As far as Santa goes, my DS is 6 so he still believes in Santa too. I am not sure what age we will break the news to him. I guess whenever he starts to really question it. I love that right now he believes and it's so fun for him. I ultimately would like him and this baby to be able to share in that excitement together like your kids, Marie. I think mine with have the same age difference as yours do.

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I don't have personal experience with the Santa news, but family with LOs that vary in age of believing to not say the older ones are good about not spoiling the fun for the younger ones.

I think I am more concerned about getting everything ready for Christmas (and figuring out when to visit everyone) then I am about being prepared for the baby. Like Claire, I'd normally procrastinate on everything but this year I want shopping done by December 1st because of my need for an early delivery and history of PTL.

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:lurk: Hi all, I hope you won't mind my chiming in! My (now 4 yr. old) dd was due on Christmas day. We have a large family plus a huge family event *on* Christmas Day that is more like a reunion that my mom was adamant that has to happen "as long as she's alive." (My mom is not in the best of health and both parents are elderly.) No pressure, right? HA!!

I did go shopping starting at midnight on Black Friday. Probably not the best idea 8+ months pregnant. LOL Outside of that, I did most of our shopping online which helped tremendously. I think I was able to get most with free shipping. My main failure though? In trying to insure that the kids did not see what was purchased because I was worried about them stumbling into the stashed space -- I didn't open boxes. I thought that I had everything only to discover at the last minute when trying to wrap (also not recommended to wait *that* late!) that I was missing a major Christmas wish. I contacted the seller who claimed that they sent an email informing me that the item was canceled that I NEVER received! ACK!) I highly recommend that if you turn to online shopping that you #1)Keep track of what you order for each person and #2)that you check those off as they arrive.

(FTR, my little one stayed put. I had contractions on Christmas eve that stalled out. I think I prayed, wished, and begged them away. LOL I went into labor late Christmas night around 11 p.m. after making it through the family reunion/dinner and clean-up! I was able to stay home until sometime in the wee hours of the next morning. She arrived the day after Christmas!)

Best wishes to you all! I was concerned about being pregnant around the holidays, but have to admit that -- for me -- there was something really magical and special. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your pregnancies and a very positive birth experience!

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"claireCJ" wrote:

I'm due on 12/5 so I am 99% sure I will have the baby before Christmas.

That's my EDD!! And goodness gracious... the baby better be here before Christmas! I'm actually hoping to get a November baby.

Earlier this week was Columbus day and since I work for a bank, we're closed and daycare is open. I got about 60% of my Christmas shopping done! WOOHOO! And for the peopel I didn't get done, I at least have ideas. My family is not local so I have to mail gifts and my goal is to mail everything by mid-November.

I'm no help on when to tell kids. DH is strange about this topic. He doesn't like the idea of not being truthful to kids. I think as soon as she asks the question we'll probably tell her and hope she's mature enough not to ruin it for her little brother or sister and all her friends at school.