OUCH! My vagina!

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OUCH! My vagina!

Hey ladies
This LO has decided to cruise down south these past couple of days it seems. and OMG the vaginal pressure and sharp pains are something else!!!! Makes me worry that it's starting to dilate me this early! Though I have virtually no contractions and very very minimal tightenings if any!

Anyone else have a bowling ball in their crotch?? LOL!!

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Yes! it's not all the time but every few days I'll get a lot of sharp pains and some pressure. It seems to really kick into gear at night.

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Me! There are some days I can't sit right because of the pain. Sometimes it feels like he is going to fall out!

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You poor mamas! I'm lucky to never have had to deal with this, thank God. Do you think you carry baby lower and that's why? I've always seemed to carry mine kinda high up, or in the middle of my belly.

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Haven't dropped yet - but am feeling that heaviness down there. First internal next week so we'll see if there is anything going on!

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My 2nd baby did this around 35 weeks and it was not fun. He was head down but not engaged so we were sure why he was causing so much pain and it FELT like he was practically falling out from 37 weeks on. Pretty much exactly as you described. It was annoying and uncomfortable but didn't dilate me at all. Ended up being induced after 40 weeks :roll: Hang in there!