Pam Anderson boobies anyone?

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Pam Anderson boobies anyone?

This is my third pregnancy and it is no surprise that AFTER the baby comes, my girl bits blow up. But this time, let the fun begin early. Ugh! I am usually a 34B-C and I have had to get 36DD bras so far! (I *could* get DDD but I refuse to buy more this late in the game) Anyone else getting sick of their 'tops'? I just can't understand why some women pay to have their chest THIS big!! Ouch! They must be insane!

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Mine have not changed much at all! Mind you I was bfing when I got preg then my milk dried up, so they actually got smaller. They didnt change until after I had DS either. But then I was a DD and went to an H cup!! OMG!!!! i"m currently an DDD cup, and no large breasts are NOT fun, not sure why anyone would want these huge things! Lol

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Mine are starting to change. They are firming up and I even think there might be some minimal leaking... I just got a couple nursing camisoles (cheap luckily) and they fit now, I just hope I don't grow too much. I grew tons with my first kid and then have stayed that same cup since even through my second pregnancy. I am waiting as long as I can to get actual bras but unfortunately I have to order them in (small town troubles) so I can't wait too long.

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Marie I'm a DDD normally and my bbs are already growing, my bras haven't fit properly since... well since just after I O'd! Not sure how my back will hold up once milk comes in and I blow up like a couple of beach balls lol DH is happy though, he drools everytime he looks in my direction ROFL

A lifetime of back pain, not being able to find clothes that fit and I have no idea why some women pay small fortunes for these puppies!

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Yup mine have grown too. Already wearing my nursing bras I got with my last lo. I'm leaking too

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I've got that "heavy" feeling in them and am leaking. It's reassuring because I really need BFing to work. Because of DD's milk allergy our Allergist is recommending that we do not introduce any milk-based formula until 6months. Which means that if BFing doesn't work, we will be feeding Allimentum which is 2x more $$ than regular formula. Come on Boobies! You can do it!