Paranoia rant

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Paranoia rant

I've never had any feelings of pregnancy paranoia until this pregnancy! Go figure. I just think my baby bump is soooo tiny and everyone (family, etc) comments on that fact that I wonder if my LO IS ok in there. Or is there enough amniotic fluid? Is my placenta working alright? Heh heh, you know, any horrible feeling come to life. I've been having BH contrax like crazy the past 2 days (never had them before) and jumping on the scale this morning after eating breakfast and I was DOWN 2lbs. :/ Ugh! Stupid crazy fears! Of course my OB appt for tomorrow was rescheduled to next Monday. *sigh* They would do that, right?
One good thing is I used a kick count meter on my iPod and baby passed with flying colors. Smile You would think that wpuld set my mind at ease..... Thanks for listening ladies! Please share your freak outs, IF you have any that is.

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Yeah I go through this too... I am obsessed with kick counts because it is the only thing that calms me... this pregnancy is high risk so I've been even worse butI was like that last time towards the end too... we are almost there!

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Isn't it crazy how our minds can do that to us?? And then to have family and friends keep commenting, which only cements your fears. I'm sorry! I go through times like that too. And I don't even dare doing kick counts because this baby is pretty inactive--she has been the whole time! She definitely moves but not nearly as much as I remember my previous kiddos moving. So I get a little worried that she isn't active enough and that it means something could be wrong. Ugh! I hate those thoughts!!!

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I'm a paranoid kick counter to! Ive only gone in for decreased mivement once and then the baby was super active of course!

Right now i'm paranoid the baby has moved breech since i've been doing spinning babies stuff. I really nope not! I have an appt today and im sure she'll be able to tell. I dont really think so since the lump at the top of my bellly is very round and head like (more like a bum) but since I went for an NST and they found the heart rate at belly button leve, which I thought was kind of high.

I was very paranoid earlier on about being smaller and people were saying they couldnt tell I was even pg. Sad Then yesterday I got asked if i was having twins. Geez!

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I so understand about the paranoia! When I was given an amnio and induction date past 37 weeks I was freaking out! I also get a TON of comments that I'm "so small" for how far along I am and that I looked bigger with DD. When I look back at pictures I think DD looked smaller and he's measuring fine.

I think water weight can throw things off a TON. I was gaining around a pound a week like they want, then I dropped 4 lbs out of nowhere. Granted I have had a harder time eating, but I think some of it was water weight. I do kick counts at least twice a day, and if I'm nervous I do them even more. It's really hard to stop your mind from going nuts with worry once you start questioning things.