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So, Halloween related question again, do you have a phobia? Pregnancy related or just a regular phobia. I, for one, LOVE spiders. Wink Honestly, I do!

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I dont have phobias. Sure I have things I dont like, like beetles, but I wouldnt call it a phobia. I just prefer not to see them or especially have them touch me! I may scream if they do, but it's not like I obsess about their existence. LOL!!

Have you ever seen those episodes of Murray Povitch with those people who have crazy phobias? One lady was afraid of bread. WTF?!?!? AHAHAHH!

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:lurk: You love spiders? I don't. I've gotten to the point work..if someone looks behind me and has a funny face I leap off my seat and take off down the hall...all the while screaming "IS IT A SPIDER?"

I say "leap" and "take off" .. I more like heave myself off the seat and waddle down the hall LMAO

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I am pretty opposed to bugs being near me or our child overall, but I'd say I'm pretty close to phobia level about ticks. I cannot stand them and while I constantly tell myself in all my life of living in a rural area and going into the woods without bug spray more times then not without having a tick on me, the increase in ticks and lime disease really freaks me out. When we lived in our old house and I was pregnant with DD my roommate had a tick that bit into her scalp and I had to help get it off. I thought I'd have a heart attack I was so grossed out.

Kitty - Those strange phobias are really interesting! It's amazing how the mind works.

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All bugs i hate bugs i hate spiders i even hate butterflies!!! Omgg im sooo scared of tight spaces ongg and being buried alive!! I hate snakes worms snails turtles cats !!! Ughhh omgg im starting to itch lol im such a punk!!

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I lived with my BFF in an oooooold farmhouse in the woods and our landlords didn't do much upkeep on it. One day my roommate calls me out to look behind shoes at the front door. Low and behold, there were at least 15 quarter size barn spiders hiding! (She is deathly afraid) Marie to the rescue! I vacuumed those suckers up and gave them a nice bleach bath. Just thought I would share. Biggrin

My phobia is def the dentist. Anything teeth related makes me CRINGE! Movies where stuff is happening with teeth, forget it! Oh, I'm really afraid of big dogs too. Childhood trama there. Yeah, I'd say big dogs are my biggest fear. :shudder: