Poop and pee

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Poop and pee

Speaking of bowels, how many times does your baby poop/pee a day? Within the span of a few hours, Philip had pooped 5x in a row. Who would have thought I'd need diaper rash cream this quick for his poor butt cheeks. At least I know he's eating well. Smile

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This kid pees A LOT. He was pooping a least 5 times a day but in the last several days has been moving towards 1 or 2 big poops per day. Which is really weird for me because Kostas was a maaaany poops per day baby.

Weleda Calendula diaper cream is my absolute favorite and I swear by it!

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Shauna, I've never heard of that baby cream before. I might have to check it out, since I know you are a fellow cloth mama. I LOVE California baby. It smells sooooo yummy! Although, when we have a monster rash on our hands, I haven't found a cloth friendly cream that does the job.

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Deacon poops tons too and has a bit of a reash. I use Penatin (sp?) Cream. Love it! Poor little bums!

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We have a major pooper on our hands.. like after every feeding.

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John seems to be pooping with every feeding, and about half the time when he's being changed. We love california baby's stuff for CDs when they're bigger (I don't like to use fragranced things on bubs under 6 months) but for a bad rash we use a&d and CD liners or sposies if we have to.

Shauna - I've heard great things about that cream but have never tried it, I'll have to get some sometime!

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DD2's poop is so different from DD1. DD1 pooped less often but would have big blowouts every day. We couldn't do laundry fast enough. DD2 has poop almost every time we change her, but it's almost nothing. Which is why I laughed at the "I hate it when" thread about changing the baby when they poop while sleeping... depending on the circumstance I sometimes let her sleep because half the time she'll have a crazy loud fart but barely anything in there. Anyway, doc said it's ok as long as she's gaining so I guess it's ok. It's just so different (in a good way) from what I'm used to.

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Carter poops a lot and i habe been using aquaphor on him to prevent a rash from even starting