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Anyone try to use the app? I tried to use it today but kept getting error messages every time I tried go open anything....

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I am sorry that you were experiencing issues with the app. Please email [email][/email] and let them know about the error(s) you received and your username. You may wish to include exactly what you were trying to do (i.e. logging in, viewing hot topics or information about your baby, creating a journal entry, updating your info, etc.), the model of phone you are using, and version of software you have installed on your phone (for example: Android 2.3.5) if you are able to locate that info within your phone settings (typically "About Phone" in settings.) This information will enable the tech team to isolate the issue faster.

Thanks for reporting!


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We're working on it guys!! Sorry!! It just started today -- but should be fixed soon!

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Didn't know there was one! How handy, might have to take a look Biggrin

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Oooo yeah. Me neither. I looooove my apps!

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I installed it on my phone and for the most part it is working. It keeps giving me an error message when I try to open the birth groups forums under community but it is still a work in progress!