Is this pregnant lady torture?

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Is this pregnant lady torture?

I'm at work and my office is right next to the staff's kitchen and apparently the drain is broken or backed up or something and it is sooooooooooo smelly! I swear I have already been to the bathroom twice because it's made me sick. Can I move offices please? Or can I just go home for the rest of the day? :puke2:

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Barf!! That sucks. DH decided that he wanted bbq sausage at 1000 last night. I was ready to heave. I went to bed instead to escape the smell!

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Omg gross!!!! I feel for working mamas with m/s for sure. My boss would ask, 'where's Marie?' ever 5 sec. I'd be laying on the floor curled up in a ball.

Kitty, my DH likes making coffee at night. :hurl: What are these silly men thinking? He now has to take the coffee pot to the garage if he wants some. Lol

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Oh you poor woman! Blech! Hopefully it is gone tomorrow--maybe you should get some kind of an air freshener...and hope it helps and doesn't make you sick! GL!

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Marie, my DH drinks coffee like 24/7!! I dont know how he can sleep! Luckily it doesnt mother me, plus I dont drink it so it also doesnt make me jealous!!!

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Oh that sounds nasty! I agree with Marie, I don't know how working moms do it. I always felt so blessed to work from home while pregnant.

ROFL about the coffee in the garage thing. I normally love me some coffee, but I haven't been able to drink it at all in the last couple weeks. Men don't get it. DH never understood how strong my aversions/sense of smell was with DD until he saw me hugging the toilet because of it.

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oh no! that is torture! I couldn't take it!!

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ehh gross.! i would talk to the boss right away.

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That's awful! I wouldn't be able to stand that either. I'm having a hard time with smoke smell. One of my office mates smokes on her breaks and I can't even get within 10 feet without holding my breath. I have arranged to be out of the office when she is here the past few weeks.

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Yuck!!! Hope they get it cleared up soon for you!

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My job involves cooking... I do the demos at walmart. I love my job, but not when it makes me sick to my stomach. Thank god for Zophern~