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QOTD 5/31

Who has vacation plans for the summer?

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Next week we're going on a 10hr car ride for a cousin's wedding. Should be fun.... and great to see my immediate family who are spread out all over the place.

Then in July we'll spend some time at my in-law's beach house.

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We live at the beach(Charleston, SC) so we are going to escape the heat and head up to the mountains at the end of July for a week. We are staying at a friend's mountain house at a large resort community. I am very excited because they are letting us use it for free! It's a nice place and there is lots to do up there. Plus I am so sick of the heat and humidity by the end of July so it will be nice to have a break from it for a week straight.

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Weddings and beach houses how fun!

We don't have much planned. Normally we'd go camping but DH's work usually picks up a lot in the summer so we probably will just be taking a few beach days at the ocean in Maine or Mass. We have family that has a lake house that we'll try to take advantage of as much as we can.

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wow, weddings and beach houses do sound fun! So do ocean beach days and lake houses!! Wish we had a big trip planned this year. We went to Maui a couple of years ago and I'd love to go back but I think this year we'll just do a lot of camping trips. We love to ride our motorcycles and four wheelers in the desert, but my favorite is to go into the high mountains. We camp in a beautiful area filled with huge trees and it's right by a dude ranch so we take a day to go horseback riding. Smile

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We're heading on a road trip in a few weeks. We'll be gone for more than 3 weeks! yikes.... We are driving from Texas to California and back. Family visit. We will have a 4 yr old, a dog, and a cat! Fun, fun, fun!

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Nothing exciting planned. My mom wants to go to disney, so who knows. I want to do something!!!!

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We don't have any big plans this summer. Probably just camping, horseback riding (we have our own horses) and maybe a day trip here or there. We have a couple of family reunions planned also.

Beach houses and ocean trips sound like so much fun!

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No big plans here. I have off for 12 days in 2 weeks, and we are just planning on hanging around home. We are working with the bank right now for a loan to build our house, so we are in saving mode!!!

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We don't have any big plans, we're just going to do some camping. We usually go to my family's summer house in Maine for a week or two but cancelled this year because my DH just started a new job and didn't want to take that much time off so soon. He's saving it for when the baby comes which will be a huge help.