QOTD 6/21 - Division of Labor

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QOTD 6/21 - Division of Labor

Feel free to complain, or brag, what's the division of labor like at your house?

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DH is a little insane. He is very diciplined about cleaning and I'm just a little too willie nillie about it... I'd let it go if he wasn't around. I think I'm pretty lucky. He really does a lot and the things that I do are chores, but if I had to choose between cleaning the bathroom and grocery shopping... I'll take shopping anytime!

So here's the list:

cleans bathrooms
does laundry
mows the lawn

grocery shop
special projects (things like painting, putting up shelves, etc)
errands - dry cleaning, buying gifts, perscriptions, dr appointments

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We don't have a specifc division of labor but there are some things that I do more than DH and he does more than me.
Here is how it's usually split up:

Takes out the trash
sweeps the deck/porch
all yardwork
does his laundry

does DS & my laundry
I usually do all the picking up of items every night when DS goes to bed

We share:
cleaning the bathrooms
cleaning the kitchen
grocery shopping & errands

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I would take shopping over cleaning anything!! LOL

Like Claire, we share most of the chores here but we kind of split it up like this:

Most of the yard work
All repairs and projects
Washes and irons his work clothes
Washes and dries most of the laundry
And then he helps me out when he can

Most of the dishes
I help out on washing and drying laundry and I'm in charge of putting it all away--I HATE laundry
The gardens and container plants outside and water everything the sprinklers don't reach
All the shopping including groceries, gifts, etc.
Manage our finances and pay all the bills
Almost all of the cooking

DS (12 yrs old):
We're trying to enlist his help for more things now. He just mowed the lawn for the first time last weekend!
He helps with dishes (occasionally)
Takes out the trash
Washes his laundry (occasionally)

DD (7 yrs old)
Takes out the recycling bin
Beginning to help with dishes
Helps clean her bathroom
Helps organize things like the DVDs or whatnot

Getting the kids to help out is more of a chore than just doing the chores myself! I need to develop and stick to a new chore chart but haven't come up with a good one yet!

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We split everything pretty evenly. DH works night and I work days so he tends to do the majority of the major cleaning during the day and I cook dinner and do nighttime with the kids, so just quick pick up after they go to bed.

Bathroom (I don't do this room at all)
Outside work

Laundry (DH is not allowed to help, his idea of folding is rolling and stuffing in a drawer)
Toy Clean up
Driving Kids to and from activities, etc.

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DH: everything outside the house...lawn and plants and repairs etc.

Me: everything inside the house....cleaning and cooking etc.

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We don't have a strict division of things, but I try to get as much done around the house as I can. DH loves to cook so he'll often take over that when he's home. We've started having him stay home with DD while I grocery shop to make things easier and give me a break from here as she's hardly ever away from me. The only thing that's hard is DH works such long hours that he's only home a couple of hours a day at night before bed and a lot of weekends he works so he's always got things to do that DD can't be around so it gets a little exhausting with her but he's great about giving me a break if I need it.

All yard work/outdoor work
Taking out the trash/recycling and bringing it to the recycling center
Cooking (maybe half the time?)
Work laundry (sometimes)

cleaning all rooms in the house
meal planning
dishes (DH will reluctantly help when I ask him.)
toy pick up

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We all do a bit of everything around here.

Kids: empty dishwasher, sort their laundry, fold and put away, clean bathrooms, sweep and mop, dust, wash windows, feed/water animals.

Me: load dishwasher, cook, wash/dry laundry, fold DH & my clothes, little girls clothes and put away, clean bathrooms, inside chores, water and weed flowers, water lawn, mow lawn, all shopping, bills.

DH: work, work, work, helps cook, helps with inside chores when he is home, takes care of animals, helps water and mow lawn.