QOTD 6/26 - December baby

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QOTD 6/26 - December baby

There are so many things that I've been worrying about with having a December baby... will I get all the Christmas stuff done this year? How will I make sure that the baby has special birthdays that are separate from Christmas celebrations? Will I get baby blues this time because I'll feel stuck in the house in the cold?

Anyway - thought I'd work to change my attitude.... What reasons are you excited about having a baby in December?

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I have some of the same worries as you. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

I am excited about having the baby at Christmas because I happen to love Christmas time and I think it will be kind of fun. I know it will also be very busy and a little nuts with presents, family, food, etc. but I am looking forward to it being a special Christmas for us. Plus if I forget to buy someone a present I can blame it on the fact that I just had a baby! Plus I had DS in June so I think it will be kind of neat to have a baby at a completely different time of year.

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Well #3 was due in dec, but born in oct. Since she was in an isolette, we dressed that up!!

With being a previous dec mommy (kinda) I was stressed about money. I was thrown on bed rest in sept and made crap on disability.. I have an awesome family, and they helped out alot. That's my word of advice.

I'm excited to put the baby in the stocking again!!!!! I put my other girls in easter baskets!!

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The only thing I'm worried about besides a snow storm and my super fast labor history is having the baby before Christmas and having to tell people we won't come to parties. I don't mind having a few visitors at a time but I'm not bringing a newborn to a family party with 15+ people who could be sick with who knows what.

As for the birthday thing, my Mum's birthday is the day after Christmas and she's never had any problems with it. As she's gotten older she's liked it as people seem to "forget" how old she is with the holiday distraction.

I am excited that we wont' have to worry about heat exhaustion or heat rash. DD never got heat exhaustion but even with it comfortable in the car and her being a premie and needing the warmth, she'd get heat rash easily in the car.

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its funny because we had stopped ttc for the month to avoid being due in december. i too didnt want to worry about the financial aspect or the lo never having seperate birthday and christmas. but i guess god had other plans.

i force myself to look at it where xmas is when all of family gathers so he or she will be brought into the world at a special time of year. i just have to make it a point to make sure he still has a special seperate birthday.

i also like that i wont be 9 months pregnant when its a hundred degrees outside. ill also have time off for the holidays without having to use maternity leave to prepare for baby. and ill get to indulge in yummy holiday foods and treats a little more than normal Smile

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My due date was moved up to November 26th so the thing I am looking forward to the most is not having to work through the holidays! I'll just get to enjoy them at a relaxing pace instead of having to fit seeing both sides of the family into 2 days. I won't have to find daycare for my other kiddo's during school vacation either, because I'll still be home.

I am a little worried about Christmas shopping, but I figure I'll just shop online and send my DH out for the little things like stocking stuffers, etc. That way I won't have to take the baby out into crowds at all.

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For those of u on #3 or less, you get a whole year's tax break!!! We hit the max last year....

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"NYMommy04" wrote:

For those of u on #3 or less, you get a whole year's tax break!!!

This is a good one!

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"NYMommy04" wrote:

For those of u on #3 or less, you get a whole year's tax break!!! We hit the max last year....

I wasn't aware that there was a limit on the Child Tax Credit?? I looked up the law on Cornell University's site (it's Internal Revenue Code Section 24) and didn't see anything about a limit except for a limit for those over the income threshold. In fact, I read an article on another site that states that there is no limit on how many children you can claim for the Child Tax Credit:

"Tax Credits

Child-tax credit. In a parent's eye, a child is priceless. However, Uncle Sam puts the figure at $1,000, in the form of a tax credit. And unlike some other credits and deductions, the government doesn't limit how many children qualify. So if you have four little darlings under the age of 17, expect to get $4,000 wiped off your tax bill.

Like most credits, this one also has income restrictions, but they vary depending on how many children parents are claiming. The child-tax credit starts to phase out at modified AGIs that exceed $110,000 for married couples filing together, $55,000 for married filing separately and $75,000 for single parents."

I found that info here: http://www.smartmoney.com/spend/family-money/my-kids-are-worth-how-much-15809/

But if you know of any new or different info Nymommy, let me know! Since this will be our fourth child, I was hoping to claim all four for the CTC!

P.S. Nymommy, that is the sweetest photo of your October baby! Love that you decorated the isolette. Smile

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My birthday is 12/10, DH is 12/12 and DS is 12/31, so December birthday's are no big deal in this family!! Smile I'm due 12/18, and will have a repeat section at 39 weeks, which will put us at 12/11 or 12/12. My mom thinks we should have it on the 12th so we have a 12/12/12 baby, but I have DH and a niece with that birthday. I thought the 11th would be neat because then we will be 10, 11, 12. Poor DD is in February all by herself!! Smile I always try to say her Birthday is 12/15 instead of 2/15!!!