QOTD - 7/9 - Check in!

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QOTD - 7/9 - Check in!

Wow - guess maybe I should switch to QOTW instead of QOTD given my track record.... but anyway thought today's "question" could be a check in to see how everyone is doing.

How far along are you?

How are you feeling?

Recent Appointments:

Vent (any topic):

Happy thought (any topic):

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what?

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How far along are you? 18 weeks

How are you feeling?Pretty good right now. Over the m/s. Having some back pain which is uncool, but tolerable.

Recent Appointments:Between appts right now - next is my 20wk U/S scheduled for July 24th. Go team GREEN!

Vent (any topic):Feeling very disconnected from DH right now. THink it's just that we've been busy and we're not really DTD. May type up a TMI post later about that... but missing the physical intimacy.

Happy thought (any topic):Loving the movement!

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what? I think the only thing so far was a Christmas onsie that was gender neutral and on super clearance at BRU. Need to make a list of the things I need to pick up.... guess we have time.

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How far along are you?20 weeks

How are you feeling?Finally good, no more morning sickness.

Recent Appointments:Last Friday July 6th for our ultrasound. I have to have a repeat ultrasound in three weeks because they couldn't get clear images of the heart or spine.

Vent (any topic):I've been very cranky at work and people are irritating me.

Happy thought (any topic):Love that the baby is moving consistently instead of feeling it every few days. My DS is very excited to have a baby brother and couldn't be happier. DD is almost fully potty trained and it's taken us about 3 days. So much easier than DS who fought me for months.

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what?Just 5 different sleepers, some white onsies and socks. Nothing much yet. I went through DS's old clothes I had saved and pulled everything that wasn't stained or torn. So I'll have clothes starting at 2T.

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How far along are you? 18 weeks 5 days

How are you feeling? Ugh- Not too great. Still throwing up almost daily. I thought the m/s went away around 14 weeks, but it's been back in full swing for a couple weeks. I am hoping it won't last the entire pregnancy... I'm tired, hungry, nauseous, blah. This baby is doing a number on me!

Recent Appointments: Last appointment was at 17 weeks and all was well. Gained 2 pounds since my 13 week. My next is my 20 week appointment with my big u/s!

Vent (any topic): I just want to feel better!!! I felt bad with DS the entire time, but in my last pregnancy I didn't feel so bad after the 1st trimester so I was hoping this would be better too.

Happy thought (any topic): Getting excited about feeling more movement and our anatomy scan next week! I hope baby cooperates and we find out the gender.

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what? Not yet. I am waiting for our ultrasound. I am planning on buying some big stuff soon though. We need baby furniture.

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How far along are you? 17 weeks one day

How are you feeling? I am doing ok, having some headache issues lately but that is about it.

Recent Appointments: I have an appointment next Friday with an ultrasound Very excited about that!!

Vent (any topic): I wish the summer semester at school was over already, I have no motivation to get anything done and my grads are showing it.

Happy thought (any topic):I am so excited, the adoptive parents I have chosen are flying in the day before my appointment so they can go to the ultrasound with me!! I can't wait to meet them!

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what? Nope, I will probably buy my bean an outfit for the hospital and a few other things for the adoptive parents closer to the end of my pregnancy!

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How far along are you? 18 weeks

How are you feeling? sinus infection... blah...

Recent Appointments: today!! gained 3lbs over the last week. I think their scale was wrong.

Vent (any topic): Broke down and bought a minivan........

Happy thought (any topic): It's a Boy!!! Time to go shopping!!

Have you made any purchases for the baby? I bought a cute st patty's day onsie last week.... I dont have to return it!!

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How far along are you? 16 weeks 5 days

How are you feeling? Good some days; terrible other days.

Recent Appointments: Had a regular checkup last week and everything looked great! Baby appears to be a girl, although doc couldn't get a great look so she'll check again at the next appt. August 2nd. Baby is measuring just a few days ahead, EXCEPT for her legs--they are measuring almost 3 weeks ahead! LOLOL ok, this is not much of a surprise being that I'm 6'1! All my kids are tall. Biggrin

Vent (any topic): My in-laws are disappointed that the baby is a girl. Seriously, some people!!!! ARG!

Happy thought (any topic): I love feeling movement! I just wish it was more consistent.

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what? no purchases yet! Just waiting to confirm that it's a girl for sure! Even then, we won't need much. Just diapers and some infant clothing.

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How far along are you? 14 weeks

How are you feeling? Good most days, but I'm still fighting a sinus infection/cough/cold/allergies--ugh!

Recent Appointments: My next appt is the 24th, then I schedule my US--can't wait to see what we are having!

Vent (any topic): I need some energy! I feel like I can't get anything done!

Happy thought (any topic): It's summer and I love it!

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what?None yet...not until we know what we are having.

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How far along are you? 13 weeks 5 days.

How are you feeling? Not bad aside from getting itchy (meds help that) and heartburn at night before bed. Just gives me an excuse to read a little more each night. Biggrin

Recent Appointments: Last week I went in to see the OB who diagnosed me with ICP last time, did blood work for that.

Vent (any topic): Money sucks and toddlers are tough to keep entertained! I'm grateful we have mom groups and friends to vary things up a bit!

Happy thought (any topic): Nausea is almost non existent so long as I avoid my aversion foods!

Have you made any purchases for the baby? If yes, what? Just a few neutral sleepers when we were TTCing.