QOTW 4-18 ~ Favorite five

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QOTW 4-18 ~ Favorite five

For fun, what is your favorite......

1) Movie?

2) Pair of shoes?

3) Restaurant?

4) Ice cream flavor?

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)?

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1) Movie? Some Like It Hot

2) Pair of shoes? ballet flats

3) Restaurant? we have a small family restaurant near us that is my favorite but if it is a franchise restaurants, it's Olive Garden

4) Ice cream flavor? Mint Chocolate Chip or Heavenly Hash

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Alcoholic = Dr Pepper & Malibu Rum; Non-Alcoholic = pink lemonade

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1) Movie? Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind

2) Pair of shoes? Hellooooo heels! My fav being a nice strappy wedge number with gold studs running up them.

3) Restaurant? Hard one, cause we don't go out a lot. I'd have to go with Wakano; a sushi joint nearby. I also love authentic Mexican restaurants too.

4) Ice cream flavor? Moose Tracks, Chocolate Marshmallow, and I want to try Raspberry Cream Cake next. It just sounds sooo good!

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Coffee with sugar, cream, and flavor Wink My fav coffee brand is Dunkin Donuts. Yum! For a cold drink, I guess a lager beer. No more of that for a while....

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1) Movie? I'm a total nerd - it would have to be any of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movies...

2) Pair of shoes? Sandals all the way, specifically the airwalk ones you can buy at payless! Biggrin

3) Restaurant? Brew Bakers Brewing Co, DH and I had our rehearsal dinner here since we went there on numerous dates and go there almost every anniversary! They have the best beer battered mushrooms! YUM!

4) Ice cream flavor? Mint Oreo (I think some places call it "grasshopper")

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Cherry Pepsi, Ocean Spray CranApple, or Jose Cuervo Classic Margaritas!

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1) Movie? The Notebook

2) Pair of shoes? ALL SHOES, I'm addicted

3) Restaurant? Olive Garden

4) Ice cream flavor? Mint Choc chip or Mocha ChipB]

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Alcoholic-Malibu rum and pinapple juice, non alcoholic- lemonade

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1) Movie? Too hard to answer. I used to work at Blockbuster and had my own "Kristy recommends" shelf (this was the late 90's) and my movies were: Pet Cemetary, Shawshank Redemption, Can't Buy Me Love, Usual Suspects. (I tried to pick one from each genre)

2) Pair of shoes? Just bought a pair of top siders that I'm loving.

3) Restaurant? Local authentic Mexican restaurant called La Tolteca

4) Ice cream flavor? Fudge ripple

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Alcoholic drink = Jack and Coke

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For fun, what is your favorite......

1) Movie? I love When Harry Met Sally, Lost in Translation, Wall-E Smile

2) Pair of shoes? Red pair of Toms

3) Restaurant? We have lots of yummy places to eat in Charleston. I love this one little sandwich place called The Square Onion! I also love this other one called The Mustard Seed, but DH hates that one. He says it's "girl food."

4) Ice cream flavor? Mint Chocolate Chip

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Coke- I love plain old coke too much. For alcoholic I love a good glass of cabernet sauvignon.

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1) Movie? The '96 remake of Romeo & Juliet, Across the Universe there are more I just never watch movies anymore so it's hard to think of favorites right now. Smile

2) Pair of shoes? "ballet flats" or flip flops. I like heels but they don't usually like me much.

3) Restaurant? A local mexican place called Margaritas or another local place called O's that's expensive but incredible. Another I love is in FL called Columbia. Astounding food.

4) Ice cream flavor? Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup and Mint Chocolate Chip

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)?Alcoholic - Cabo Wabo Margarita, Guinness or Sam Adams White Ale. Non Alcoholic - coffee from dunkin donuts

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1) Movie?
A movie I could watch over and over again, is The Shawshank Redemption. Though I prefer it on tv than watching the DVD because they edit out all the scenes that make me cringe. Another movie I like to watch is Matilda, even though it's a kid's show. It just makes me feel good.

2) Pair of shoes?
Black Clogs. (Sanita)

3) Restaurant?
I rarely go to restaurants, with three kids, but I love soup and bread places.

4) Ice cream flavor?
Chocolate, in general, though I had Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chunk while we were in Boston and I haven't been able to find it here, and I've been craving it.

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Caffeine Free Coke. I love Diet Coke, but gave up caffeine and artifical sweetners.

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"claireCJ" wrote:

I also love this other one called The Mustard Seed, but DH hates that one. He says it's "girl food."

What the heck is "girl food"?

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Chick food- like not meat and potatoes, but yummy salads, black bean burgers instead of real hamburgers. Things like that. He hates it. I love it! It's not healthy. Just different.

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That's funny! I think we might call that "gourmet" or fancy. But I get what you mean.

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1) Movie? Hmmm...Princess Bride, but I LOVE me some Harry Potter.

2) Pair of shoes? My running shoes

3) Restaurant? This awesome little hole in the wall sushi place.

4) Ice cream flavor? Toasted Almond

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Coke Zero. Seriously addicted. And my daily iced Americano.

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1.) Movie? My Life in Ruins

2.) Pair of shoes? My Teva flipflops that I've owned for years and are really starting to get run down

3.) Restaurant? Guzanos for really good enchiladas

4.) Ice Cream Flavor? Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch

5.) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Margaritas...and Coke Classic

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1) Movie? Lion King

2) Pair of shoes? Shoe fly heels

3) Restaurant? TGI Fridays

4) Ice cream flavor? pistachio

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? Strawberry banana colada

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1) Movie? Avatar

2) Pair of shoes? I'm gonna be a typical kiwi and say my jandals or flip flops or they are called in other parts of the word

3) Restaurant? Tuttu bene - a local Italian place

4) Ice cream flavor? Vanilla but with chocolate sauce otherwise I prefer frozen yogurt

5) Drink (alcoholic or not)? J?ger bomb