QOTW 9/18 Music for baby

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QOTW 9/18 Music for baby

Will you play any music for baby as a newborn?

I know with DS1, I *had* to play music for him to fall asleep. His babysitter at the time claimed he loved listening to country blasting loud. Which is funny b/c he hates it now. LOL DS2 will not fall asleep with ANY distraction and has always been that way. But, he sure loves dancing to music while awake. Wink I've never played those kids CDs for my kids though, and my mom always makes me feel bad for it. To each his own, I tell her. Heh heh. Both of my boys just love something with a beat.

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We'd be open to it, but we don't have anything specific in mind. We might get a duplicate of the music/soothing sounds thing we have for DD. It also has a projection of stars/fish but she never paid attention to that. When we had sleep issues with her in infancy, we bought it and she was terrified but after she turned a year it helped her so much because she's such a light sleeper. We usually just have it on ocean sounds and because I am usually the one to put DD to bed (her preference) baby has a lot of intrauterine exposure to the music. Smile

I"ll be really interested to see if he likes it when he's born.

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I have never played music for my kids while they are asleep so I don't have any of those classical music CDs, but during the day we listen to a variety of music and all of my kiddos are big music fans!! We love to dance all around the house together--makes cleaning day much more fun! And we play Just Dance on the Wii quite often and also Band Hero on the Playstation 3. That's pretty much our weekend routine: Just Dance or Band Hero for a couple of hours and then we'll watch a movie together before bed. Smile My older DD takes piano and dance lessons and hopefully my younger DDs will as well. Couldn't get DS to take music lessons--well, not yet! LOL

So yep, to each his own! I think music is wonderful for kids but I don't think they have to be limited to one type of music (like those kids' classical music CDs). Smile

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I agree Jamie, it's good to expose them to all kinds of music.