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random updating

So I have been lurking but not really here the past week or so. I have horrible ms STILL and last week on top of that I got a stomach bug. I literally lived in the bathroom. Sad

I also had a followup appt for dating purposes just because of my m/c and lmp. Everything is still on track. I have my 1st trimester screening in two Weeks.

I am not able to eat any dairy. It comes right back up and literally Burns my stomach. I am having to take a calcium supplement. I have never had such a sensitive stomach but even something as small as a sprinkle of cheese kills me.

On a good note last week I visited a thrift store and found lots of motherhood maternity clothes. I got like 7 outfits for 25 dollars!

How is everyone else doing?

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Oh no, I'm so sorry about your M/S and stomach bug! I hope you get some relief from all that very soon so you can start enjoying the summer! Yay for a great appointment and some awesome finds at the thrift store! Woo hoo! I love when I find great deals!!

I'm doing ok. Worked out too hard yesterday so I had a headache and didn't feel well the rest of the day. I need to learn to take it a little easier. Prior to yesterday, I had been feeling some relief from the nausea and fatigue so I am grateful for that. I have a 12 week appointment and ultrasound today so I'm excited; although, I'm a little nervous as well since I fell down the stairs about a week ago--I just hope everything is still ok!!!

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I'm so sorry about your stomach bug and bad m/s. I know it's awful to constantly feel sick and be in the bathroom. I hope you feel better soon!

I have just started feeling better this past week and I will be 14 weeks tomorrow so maybe you will feel better in a couple more weeks? I normally throw up every single morning without fail. I usually throw up again when I get to work and then sometimes once more before lunch. BUT I haven't been throwing up at all this week except for once the other morning. I am hoping that means my m/s is finally going away! When I was pregnant with DS, I was very sick like you are talking about. I coudln't eat anything and my stomach was just soooo sensitive to most heavy foods. I always tell people that was the worst feeling in the world so I hope it ends for you very soon so you can enjoy your pregnancy!

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I too am lurking around but not posting much. I am still feeling fairly well, tired often and some stomach discomfort but no actual nausea or food restrictions.

How exciting to score such a great deal on maternity clothes! I have a hard time investing the money when you know you won't be wearing the clothes for long! I am actually going shopping this weekend (our mall here is horrible so I'm going out of town) and am hoping to get some clothes for back to work that will be somewhat adaptable as this belly grows. I go back to work in 15 days Sad

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Hi! I am in the same boat; lurking! Yucky m/s and a bug? You poor mama. Ugh! That IS an awesome score of clothes! Are you into any maternity yet?

I'm still feeling rough off and on. Hence the lurking. I had two good days in a row and thought I was turning a corner, but now, feeling sick sick sick. Sad On a better note, my first u/s is this Friday!

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Sorry for the lingering Ms. mine is starting to lift, but def still there.

I'm goign to see a lady tomorrow i found on kijiji who has a bin full of mat clothes she is selling for 100 dollars. it includes like 10 pairs of jeans, a million tops, etc. even bras and bathing suits. she's letting me buy stuff separately but i may just take the whole thing if it mostly looks good. cant beat that price since it sounds liek i wont need another thing after that!

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aw nicole i hope you make the transition to work easily. thats always hard even if you really love your job.

marie-thats how it was for me too..i got a few days of no m/s and then it came back with a vengence. the only thing im wearing maternity is a pair of shorts. everything else im still in normal clothes.

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Sorry your ms is still hanging on and getting a stomach bug on top of it. That sucks! Hope you start to feel better soon.

I have just barely started to feel better, it's been two days since I've been sick so hopefully it keeps up.

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m/s and the stomach bug sounds awful.

I still feel worlds better this time around then I did with DD, but I do have m/s almost constantly. I had a few days where I wasn't nauseous before it came back with a vengeance. I still haven't thrown up *knock on wood* which is a nice change of pace from being pregnant with DD. For me it's mostly just been the fatigue and ligament pains. I find it difficult to get basic stuff done around the house no matter how much sleep I get and the dreams I'm having are insane. So happy for those of you hitting the 2nd trimester and feeling better for it!