Reading to your NB.... really?

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Reading to your NB.... really?

So my kids go to a peds office with multiple Drs/CNPs. This means, unless you specifically ask for someone by name, you never know who you'll get. Of course, there is one wacky old-school Dr that I despise b/c she is always reprimanding me for some dumb reason. With DS2, she told me 'I was feeding him too much'. Ummm hello? He's breastfed! So today, who do I get for Philip's check up? Dr Dingbat! I got reprimanded b/c I'm not reading to my 2 week old. Hmmm. :/ Anyone else read to their NB? Maybe I'm out of the running for 'Mom of the Year' now since I'm stunting my baby's brain growth. :rolls eyes: If you DO read to your baby, I see nothing at all wrong with that, I just think it's silly to reprimand a mom for that at a check up. What do you guys think?

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I'm with you - reprimanding? Not cool. My doctors have reminded me to talk to the baby.... which is probably for the same reasons that reading to your baby is good... to engage them. But there's a way to say things nicely to achieve a better respose from patients. DRs have a tendency to be matter of fact instead of remembering that there are many "right" ways.

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I agree with Kristy . Theres a way to do things people are soo rude and obnoxious smh. Reading to baby is encouraged but can you cant do everything at once ..

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LOL What a ridiculous thing to reprimand a mom for! I'm just trying to make it through the day with my newborn. Does it count as reading to my newborn when he hears me reading to my 5 y/o? LOL

Seriously though, I don't think reading specifically is a huge deal at this point. I figure as long as he's getting talked to (even if its not related to him) then its all good. But that's just me.

Sorry you had to deal with such a rude Dr... Sad

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John hears me read to DD all the time but I don't really read to him. I have been able to soothe him back to sleep by reciting some goodnight moon or twinkle twinkle little star, but he "heard" those in utero about a billion times. I am a huge reading fanatic but reprimanding you for not reading to a two week old seems ridiculous.

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Phew. I'm not on the 'bad mom' list then? Wink I sing to my son all the time and show him things around the house. I DID make sure to show him the black and white book Dr Dingdong gave me. He promptly fussed and cried. Lol! I tried. Heh heh. If she only saw our giant book collection.....