Royal jelly info please!

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Royal jelly info please!

:help1:Before I move boards, sniff sniff..... I guess I need some details on the royal jelly. It appears to be pretty promising. So, can you tell me what it does and where to get it for the best prices. Also, when and how much to take?

I know there was a thread about is before, but I was too far into a new cycle or something that I thought I should wait to see if I got pg before starting. Thanks so much!!!

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Oh Amber. I hate for you to go!! Sad I haven't temp stalked you today. So I'll have to do that next. (((hugs)))

I started taking RJ near the end of last cycle. I wanted to start it right away so I ended up paying about $25 dollars for 60ea capsules at 1000 mg per cap. Online you can find them MUCH cheaper, like on amazon. And they have higher potencies, 1500 & 2000. I took one a day with my other pills. RJ is supposed to beef up your eggs and ripen them up I believe. It's what the queen bees eat when whipping up all the eggs they make. I'm a true believer of it now!

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I swear by Royal Jelly, I take the one Vitacost sells that is by the teaspoon (not pill version, YS Eco Bee Farms 24 oz). I got pregnant using it at the age of 43 but miscarried, then used RJ again recently during my IVF cycle and it worked. Smile I had a long post about it on here somewhere but that was ages ago. You just cannot take it with anything hot, like coffee, tea, etc. Another wonderful benefit, it keeps colds & flus at bay, lessens their duration or even keeps you immune. I rarely get sick in winter now.