Scariest Night Ever.....(Tmi) and long.....

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Scariest Night Ever.....(Tmi) and long.....

I had a very scary night last night...It all started when I was on the phone with my fiance Chris while he was at work. I coughed a few times and I thought I had wet myself a little, kept talking for a second then got up to go to the bathroom and liquid was running down my legs. I went to the bathroom, only to discover that it is not pee, but blood and a lot of it. I make him come home and call my mom. I go to the ER and to my surprise everything is fine. The baby is measuring right where it should be and has a heart beat of 179. They can't find a source of the bleed. They think I could just be one out of a very few that bleed during pregnancy and nothing is wrong, or it could be the start of placenta previa, but the placenta is too small to see on the ultra sound. They don't think that is very likely because I have no pain what so ever. I have an appointment for Friday to see my OB and the ER is sending her all my info so I can have another sono when I go. The bleeding has gotten a lot lighter today but I am still bleeding and I still have no pain. I am supposed to be doing as little as possible but with a 4 year old running around it has been a little difficult. Hopefully everything will be ok in the end but I have prepared myself in case it doesn't. I was so shocked when I saw the heartbeat blinking in the ultrasound. Thanks for letting me share and I will keep everyone posted.

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Im glad everything is ok !!! How are you feeling today

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I'm glad everything is looking ok. Praying that they are right and that its nothing.

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Wow, that is so scary! I'll keep thinking of you and your LO, hope it is all going to be okay. **big hugs**

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Definitely scary! With my DS, I had 3 large bleeds around 13 weeks. I went to the bathroom and just bright red blood filled the entire toilet!! I spotted a bit afterward and then it happened again 2 more times. They could never find anything on the u/s and DS was fine. They figured it was a vessel on my cervix that suddenly burst since there is so much more blood going to that area when you're pg. It was scray though, but everything was fine!

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I'm sooo glad that everything with baby is ok. KUP for sure. (((hugs)))

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"MrsV2B" wrote:

Im glad everything is ok !!! How are you feeling today

I've been overly tired all day, I have been laying on the couch all day trying not to do much. The bleeding has really slowed down. So hopefully it will stop soon.

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Thanks for all the support ladies! I hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!

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How scary! I'm so glad baby is measuring perfectly and that the heartbeat is perfect too!

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I am glad to hear the baby looks good! I hope it stops and will pray that that the baby continues to do well! Good luck....

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What a scare! I'm so glad all is well! Take it easy as much as possible. GL at your appointment and KUP!

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That is very scary. I am glad everything is ok. Hopefully you'll have had some good rest this weekend.

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Wow.... That is super scary! Glad everything looks good! Keep us updated on what your ob says this week!

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oh wow! What a scary situation. I experienced something similar with DD. In fact, I had big bursts of blood like that about 4 times throughout the pregnancy. Doc said the same thing to me: couldn't detect any reason for it on the ultrasound. Certainly scary but everything worked out so I hope everything will work out for you as well!!! And I hope you can find some time to get some R&R!! ((hugs!))

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I had the same scare about a month ago. They said it was blood clots. My baby is doing great and thriving! I bled for the ladt month and it just stopped last week.

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How are you doing?

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**lurker** I bled for about 10 weeks with this pregnancy on and off! From 6 weeks until amost 16 weeks! At first I had a subchorionic hemorage and then later on they said that they couldnt find a reason for the bleeding! It is very scary, but dont give up hope! My baby is still intact and now that I can feel it moving I feel much better about it! Good luck!

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"kristycoulter1" wrote:

How are you doing?

I have been doing pretty good. Trying to take it easy as much as possible. My fiancee had to go back to work this week so I have been at home with my 4 year old all day so it has made resting a little difficult. I have an appointment first thing tomorrow morning, so I am hoping I will get another sono just to make sure. I am still spotting but still no cramps and my symptoms are still roaring so I am hopeful! I will post an update as soon as I get home tomorrow morning!