Signature & Picture Guidelines (updated Sept 2011)

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Signature & Picture Guidelines (updated Sept 2011)

Signature & Picture Guidelines & Help

Please note that we have specific guidelines for these privileges. Please see the section below.

1. Image dimensions and File Size Limitations: These shall be limited to 500x500 pixels maximum, with a file size limit of 250kb maximum.

2. Slideshows: Must adhere to the dimension and file size limitations above. Also, please limit to no more than 5 rotating images for the benefit of other users. At this time we are not allowing slideshows with music/audio effects that auto-start.

3. Content: Please be aware that all signatures should adhere to the same rules as listed within the Community Guidelines. Again, please refrain from including profanity, violence, obscenity, lewd, or sexually explicit content or that intended to purposefully mock/bash/demean within either area in deference to (or as a courtesy to) your fellow members and their families.

4. Use of multiple (stacked) images: We are aware that you may wish to include one or many worthy causes/remembrances within your signature. However, due to space constraints and loading difficulties for our users, you are still asked to contain all of your signature within the limits provided above. This does include blinkies, tickers, and other graphics. One suggestion is to create a couple of signatures and alternate.

5. Courtesy in use: We are pleased to offer you this opportunity to share your families, your beliefs, and your points of interest within your signature. Please, however, be courteous to one another and recognize that you do not have to include your signature with each and every post you make. This particularly applies to those within the same thread. Once is enough.

6. Centering: Please do not use the centering code on your signature. While we know that it looks nice for some, for others it forces members to scroll back and forth simply to read any thread you post your signature on.

7. Posting Pictures: To post pictures, either in your signature or within a post, you will need to set up an album on an offsite image hosting website, such as Photobucket, Flickr, Snapfish, or Shutterfly. Once you have uploaded your pictures to one of these sites, you can then copy/paste the image code (denoted by ) into your signature or post.

Please understand those choosing to ignore these guidelines will risk the loss of theses privilege(s) and a possible disablement of account for repeated offenses.


Why are these limitations necessary?

  • Our web space is limited. We wish to offer the greatest perks possible, but feel these are reasonable limitations. The outcome is a faster and better site!
  • Our users, including each of you, benefit! Faster load times, less hang ups, and less space taken up on your personal (cache) computer files... not to mention that we are able to enjoy what you've chosen to share!

Why can't I post attachments?

  • Due to our extremely large membership base and the large drain on our bandwidth and limited server space, we don't allow anyone, not even hosts, to post attachments. Instead, we request that you use one of the free offsite image hosting websites alternatives available, such as Photobucket, Flickr, Snapfish, or Shutterfly.
  • Also, unfortunately spammers will try to post malware and viruses via attachment. By not allowing ANY attachments, this is one way to try to protect our members and eliminate threats to you computer.

When does this policy become effective?

It is effective immediately.

How can I resize?

You can either use a photo image program on your home computer (the one that you designed with) or if you still need help please contact one of our Volunteer Community Moderators, Princess&ThePea or girlisrad.

A signature? How and where do I get one?

To create a signature, simply click on User CP, then select Edit Signature under Settings & Options in Your Control Panel and insert the codes/text and save!

Still have questions or need additional help? You can post your question on the Welcome/Help Centre board or pm Princess&ThePea or girlisrad at anytime and we would be happy to help you out.

PLEASE NOTE: The signature size of 500x500 pixels includes any photos, tickers, blinkies, or other images. This does NOT include text. There is, however, a 510 character allowable limit for all signatures and occasionally when you go to save your signature you will get a message telling you you are over this character limit.

How to Fix Things When You Reach the Character Limit

Every time you put in coding for font/size/colour/bolding/etc., it repeats these codes at the beginning and end of each line, even if you only entered them at the beginning and end of your text. For example,
[INDENT]You type:
my little angels[*/b] (without the * of course)

The signature editor inserts the coding on each line, like so:
[*b]my little angels[*/b]
[/INDENT]Simply deleting your text/images/etc. using the backspace on your keyboard in the regular edit screen will not always remove all the extra coding. In order to "fix" this and allow yourself more character space, you will need to remove each of the "extra" codes individually.

To do this you will need to do the following (please see the screenshot example below):

  • Click on the Switch Editor Mode icon (indicated by A/A and circled in pink on the below example) on the upper right corner of you Edit Signature screen. This will show you all the codes and you're edit screen should look similar to this:

  • As you can see in this example, the italic and font codes are being repeated on every line, even though they are only needed at the beginning and end of the signature... the extra codes are underlined... these can be removed and your signature saved. This will reduce the number of characters and allow for more room in your signature. Please note, however, that this step will likely be required each time you edit your signature.

How to Check Your Signature Size

Checking to see that your signature fits into the 500x500 pixel guidelines is fairly simple. This can be done directly from any of your posts containing your signature. Remember, this does NOT include any text.

  • Right click on each image (picture/blinkie/ticker/etc.)
  • Go to Properties and under Dimensions you will see ### x ### pixels... this is the image size
  • The first number is the width of the image. To determine the total width, simply use your longest graphic or add the widths of your longest row of images.
  • The second number is the height. To determine the total height of your signature, simply add together the heights of all your stacked images. Do NOT include images beside each other (ie, if you have two blinkies of the same height next to each other, you will only add the height of a single blinkie).

Example #1:


[LEFT]The ticker is the widest image in this signature at 420 pixels. We then add together the heights of the image, the ticker, and the three emoticons and that gives us 302 pixels.. Therefore, this signature is 420 x 302 pixels in size. (Remember, typed text does not count when measuring the size of your signature) [/LEFT]

Example #2

[LEFT]The two pictures beside each other form the widest image(s) in this example. If we add together the width of each, we find that the total width is 341 pixels. Because both images are of the same height, we only need to add the height of ONE of them to the height of both tickers to find that the total height is 380 pixels. Therefore, this signature is 341 x 380 pixels. [/LEFT]

*revised September 2011