sleep aid gadgets?

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sleep aid gadgets?

I think I have a bit of a gassy baby. She's a farter. She scrunches up her little face and looks like she is in pain. She hasn't been the best with sleeping in the co-sleeper or pack and play. We've had some success in the bouncy seat and I'm wondering if it's because 1. it puts her in a slightly sitting up position and 2. it sort of holds her... where the other she's just laying in the middle of a flat surface, so maybe she's insecure.

I'm going to look now, but has anyone used something to prop them or sort of cradle them in the crib? I guess I could bring the bouncy seat up to our room. But I'm wondering if there is something good that we can put in the co-sleeper.


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I know there are sleep positioners out there, but we always used rolled up receiving blankets as our l&d nurses suggested (put one on each side of her). If gas or reflux like symptoms are bothering her, I'd imagine the incline on the bouncer is what helps with that.

I have also read that for colds/reflux you can slightly elevate their co-sleeper or crib mattress by folding a blanket and putting it under it to give it just a slight incline.

Let us know what helps!

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I put a blanket underneath the crib mattress at the head so that the mattress is at a slight incline. Leila seems to sleep better that way than flat on her back.

Hope you can find something that works!

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I've never used a sleep aid, but DS2 was a gassy baby too and would NOT burp. It turned out he had lactose issues so I had to go on a lactose free diet. I hope finding a good position is all you'll need for your LO.