Sleep changes yet?

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Sleep changes yet?

So, is anyone still sleeping on their backs? I think I might stop sleeping that way soon. Whaaaaa! I REALLY love sleep sleeping on my tummy, but that became impossible a while back. My LO seems to love hanging out on my right side most, so I usually end up on that side. Any LO's prefer one side of your tummy over the other?

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I like to sleep on my left side anyway, but DS likes to switch sometimes. Most of the time I end up waking up in the night from being on my back (so uncomfortable for me!) but my snoogle is helping with that.

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I can't lay on my back anymore for more than a very short period of time. It seemed to happen over night. Probably when I hit 24 weeks. Ugh. I also can't sleep on one side comfortably anymore. I wake up every 3 hours and have to switch or pee. My LO is totally spread out across my uterus. His head always seems to be low to my right side and his legs/feet up in my ribs on my left side. I get kicked in the ribs all the time! Sleep continues to get harder and harder. What is strange is that I don't remember having such a hard time sleeping in my pregnancy with DS even though I know I had gained much more weight with him by this point. I always figured bigger belly equaled harder to sleep, but I guess it just depends on the pregnancy... :shrug:

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Yes sleep is a nightmare!! LOL!! I have to pee so much but have horrible SPD so turning over is soooo painful!!! I tend to prefer for right side for sleeping but switch. This LO seems to be mainly on the right side too. I love back sleeping but after a few minutes I get paranoid even though it is still comfortable right now. I miss tummy sleeping too. I sometimes go to turn onto my stomach in my sleep and get horrible sharp pains way down, like RLP I guess. Horrible though, they are like muscle cramps!!

But on a positive note, since I'm moving all night my back stays loose and limber and is actualy better now then before I was pg! Lol Weird. I'm sure that will change soon enough.

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I sleep on the couch propped up on in my bed on tons of pillows. Thats when I can sleep. This insomnia sux!!

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I still sleep on my back off and on, or on my side. I just don't sleep well anymore...and I'm tired. Oh well!

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I have horrible SPD too so I usually can't even get to sleep until 4 or 5 in the morning. Then I just hope I don't need to pee...