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Have you decided where baby will sleep yet as a newborn? Cradle, bassinet, co-sleep, or straight to the crib? Any reason for your choice?

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We'll have DS in a co-sleeper (attached to our bed) for a while. DD used it for 7 months at which time we moved her into her own room with her crib because she wasn't sleeping as well in our room. We do have the crib in our bedroom now, so if we needed to keep DS in our room (we plan for the kids to share the huge room DD is in now) for a while.

For us, the co-sleeper makes BFing so much easier, especially in the early days and makes me feel safe about him being with us.

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I would love a co-sleeper but we're just going to have DD in a crib next to our bed for a while, and then when she starts sleeping longer hours I'll move her into our other DDs room! It will be interesting to see how it works (or doesn't work??) with them sharing a small room!