and so it begins...

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and so it begins...

M/S started today... My poor bowl of cereal never had a chance on staying in my belly... My only other symptom had been sheer exhaustion but now I get the pleasure of m/s too.. Where is everyone at with the symptoms? Who is lucky enough to still be feeling awesome?

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Sorry your m/s kicked in! At least it's a good symptom to have because you know your body is working away at making your little bean. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. I am sick everyday all day long. In fact, I feel like I could throw my lunch up right now. Blah... I will say that my exhaustion seems to have let up a little this week. I'm still tired, but at least I am not daydreaming about my bed anymore.

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I'm sorry the m/s has caught up with you! I agree with Claire that it's a reassuring symptom to have.

I have had some nausea, but it's mostly just if I don't eat. Sometimes I'll feel as if I have something in my throat and could get sick, but I've been lucky thus far. Other then that it's just sore/heavy bbs, exhaustion, bloat and round ligament pain for the most part. Oh and crazy emotional pregnant lady has kicked in too.

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Mostly just exhaustion and light crampiness/round ligament pain here, although I did wake up in the middle of the night feeling vaguely barfy last night - not cool. In the past I haven't had m/s until about 6 weeks, so I'm sure worse is heading my way. Unless this baby wants to make a play for favorite and not bring any? Wink

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I have been nauseous since I found out I was pregnant and it seems to be getting worse. Especially if I don't eat every couple of hours, however when I started spotting and cramping and went to the ER to get checked out and see the heartbeat my nurse told me that as long as I was still feeling symptoms that generally that means every thing is ok, since the higher levels of hormones is generally what causes all the icky symptoms so now I am kinda glad I have them its only really a bother to me when I am sitting in class trying not to gag while sitting there.

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Ugh, nausea yes! I have it more often in the evening. So not very helpful when trying to cook dinner. Tonight, we ordered pizza. Also, smells are really making me gag. Peanut butter especially. Bleck!

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Mine is actually easing a little. Instead of feeling sick all day, I have just been getting sick when I first get up. Then as long as I eat I feel pretty good all day. Being tired on the other hand is not letting up. It's 10:15 here and I could take a nap at my desk right now.

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not it!! Zophern is my friend!!! I pop one of those puppies when I get up!

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oh no, sorry to hear you are getting MS. I don't have any yet... although yesterday was the first day that I felt a little nauseated. But today, I feel great! I woke up at 4:30 AM, did boot camp for an hour, walked my dogs for an hour, and then taught a 90 minute endurance spin class! So my only symptoms so far have been hit and miss fatigue, sore bbs, and rare RLP. Can't wait for my first appt next week to make sure everything is going ok since I usually have MS by now! I hope your MS doesn't get much worse for you!!