So the dr wants to pull me out of work....

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So the dr wants to pull me out of work....

Went to kidney specialist on tue and my bp is already getting out of wack. I don't want to work, but i don't want to get crappy disability for the next 24 weeks either.... I'm going to try to work for the next month and see what happens. Gotta go for bloodwork and if that comes back bad, my butt will not be leaving the house... He gave me a note for a chair at work and a handicap pass. My bp is ok when laying, elevated when sitting and shot up when I stood up...

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Wow! Will you be on bedrest near the end? Have you had this happen in your other pregnancies? Beee It's hard to limit activity when you have little ones in the mix. Here's hoping that everything goes smooth and you can keep on at work a little bit longer. *fingers crossed*

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oh no! Must be so hard to work when you don't want to and the doctor doesn't want you to... but hope you can hang in there for another month if that's what you need to do. Smile

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oh no, I hope your bloodwork comes back okay and BP chills out. KUP!

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Oh no! I hope things work out for you! Hopefully your bloodwork will come out okay and you will be able to do what you need to. GL and KUP!

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I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you. I was on bed rest (moderate to strict) from about 25 weeks on with DD's pregnancy. I tried to work as long as I could but not laying down was hard on my body. Thinking of you!

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With #3 I was pulled out at 30 weeks due to shortening of cervix. I was expecting this, but not this early. I have to go for bloodwork on monday, then it's a waiting game... Another round of shots on monday, so we'll see what that doc says. i don't go for prenatial testing until 20th.