So proud of myself!!!

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So proud of myself!!!

So I got a late night craving for a giant cheesecake....went to the store and bought the cheesecake and a salad for tomorrow's lunch and I came home and ate the whole salad instead of the cheesecake!!! Now I don't even want the cheesecake I guess Chris and the kids can have it!! ::D

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Hah! Good for you. Although you might want to hang onto a slice. Baby might decide he/she wants it again. Smile

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You just made me hungry for a big slice of cheesecake Smile Definitely keep a piece for yourself!!

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I need to find that willpower and soon! Good for you!!!!!

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Good job! It can be so hard to resist cravings like that.

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mmm cheesecake! Sounds yummy! Way to go for eating salad instead!!!

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walmart has yummy 2 slice frozen cheesecakes for about $2